Void Spirit – Dota 2 Hero Guide

With this recent patch 7.23, and apart from the modifications on the map came two new heroes, and one of them is the fourth of the Spirit brothers, Void Spirit.

It is a hero carry of intelligence that attacks body to body. All his abilities do magic damage, so he is a hero who activates very quickly to do a lot of damage from the beginning of the game. Void Spirit has a lot of mobility, is very slippery and difficult to kill.

Although all his skills are activable, almost all of them are very simple to learn how to use. The only one that if it has a bit of complexity that with a bit of practice you will dominate it right away is Aether Remnant. It’s really fun to play with Void Spirit.


His main role is as the carry because you can take advantage of all his capacities and his biggest impact is when you’re in every team fight. In the high ranked games Inmortal-Divine, Void Spirit is been played as midlaner as well but he has a better win rate as carry.


He has four active spells, but essentially all are easy to learn how to use them. The first is Aether Remnant, it is a remnant that stands out where you trough it and similar to Arc Warden’s spell. His second spell is Dissimilate, this spell is incredible to escape for ganks against you, it creates portals around while you disappear, and you can choice any portal to teleport and do damage. You can use it to catch enemies that try to escape or to avoid and escape from enemies. The 3rd skill is Resonant Pulse which is your priority to maximize first. It is a shield around you that absorbs damage, and for every enemy it hits, it does more damage. It is very versatile as it can help to push the lane and to avoid income damage. His ultimate is Astral Step, it teleports him to the location you mark and it will do damage to every enemy in that zone and it also slows them down.


As you have four active spells you need to have enough mana regeneration, so it is recommended to first get a simple build, then go for 2x Null Talismans, Magic Wand and Power Treads. Void Spirit’s damage is mostly magic, therefore, its good to get Veil of Discord and Maelstrom. Remember that as the carry you need to farm but also participate in the team fights with that gold you can buy Kaya and Sange to keep doing enough damage even if your enemies build BKB.

Void Spirit is a natural killer, it is very hard to play against him and if you practice a lot with him you are going to win your lane very easily. Keep in mind that your goal is to push lanes and farm, but also help in team fights.

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Four Tips to Climb the League of Legends Ladder

League of Legends is a MOBA video game that involves players’ various strategies, playing skills, and team working abilities. You may be stuck in a certain elo like Platinum 1, moving back and forth all the time but never have reached Diamond. You may be new to the game, and you wish to learn how to play League of Legends like a pro. Or even if you’ve been playing for many years, and still haven’t reached your goal for ranking. That’s why proper guides and tips are essential for all players to get better at understanding and playing the game.

Here are four tips that will reshape your knowledge of the game and help you accomplish your goal.

1. Stick with your main role and position

You might get tired of playing a particular lane or role sometimes. Then you decide to try a different position or role in a ranked game. Unfortunately, If you think it will work perfectly, it won’t be the case most of the time.

If you have played tanks and the top lane all the time, playing marksman or mage probably won’t be good for you at first. I strongly recommend you to practice new a position or role in normal games, to learn the mechanism and how it actually works.

2. Play your main champion in ranked games.

It is quite often when something happens in BP or champion selection. For example, your teammates ask you to choose a “right” champion, or you pick a champion because you heard its the counter pick of your opponent.

Questioning from teammates or yourself about your pick sometimes make you unconfident or hesitant. Your brain can be easily distracted in that case and not performing well as usual.

Overconfidence also turns out to be a loss most of the time. If you see a good pick to counter your opponent but haven’t played it before, don’t do it in ranked games. Just pick your main and trust yourself.

3. Stay in a good mood!

It is really important for you not to be affected by teammates or opponents so that you can play the game at your best. Insult text, spamming, verbal abuse, and intentional feeding from teammates sometimes can get on your nerve. Even though toxic players on your team ruin your experience and increase the difficulty of winning the game, don’t get mad or give up the game.

If you manage to control your temper, the chance of winning the game is still very good. I know it can be hard, but get over it. Keeping a good mood is going to get you out of the elo hell.

4. Watch Challenger players’ replays.

It is always important for you to learn from the top players in the game. Understanding their strategies and performance will get you on a higher level.

What do they do to get and manage gold? How do they farm and fight in the laning phase? Why is controlling visions of the map helpful? Be aware of the tips and skills that you learned in games, and you will be good.

5. Extra Tip:

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Aphelios, the most complex champion in League of Legends

League of Legends brings a new champion who offers a range of skills that are difficult for even the most seasoned gamer to understand. The new fighter’s name is Aphelios, who plays an ADC role and he’s probably the most difficult champion to use in the entire game. That’s why we’ve brought you a little guide to understanding how Aphelios works and his skill kit.

The first thing you need to understand about Aphelios is that he is a champion who uses different weapons and each one has its own ammunition. In total, he has five weapons and each one has 50 shots. However, of the five, only two will be active for use at the player’s discretion.

Aphelios will operate on a rotation system. He will start with two weapons (the primary and the secondary) which he can exchange according to the situation when using the W. When either one runs out of ammunition, it will go into reuse time. It will then become inactive. In the meantime, one of the three guns that were idle will take its place. Therefore, Aphelios will be able to use all of the weapons as he expends the ammunition and progresses through the game.

Imagine that Aphelios shoots with one weapon in his right hand, while he has another in his left hand that is ready to be used as interact with other abilities. The other three are lining up to relieve someone who runs out of ammunition. When this happens, the one who is reloading is at the end of the line.

Each weapon has effects linked to the basic attacks, as well as when using the Q. The R is a lunar bomb that explodes with the first enemy it meets and hurts those nearby. The latter generates additional effects depending on the active weapon. Aphelios has no skill with the E.

We will now review the effects of each weapon:

Weapon 1 – Calibrum

It’s possible this rifle has a similar or close range to Caitlyn’s. It will then serve to harass the enemy and fire from a safe distance.

Weapon 2 – Severum

Severum ensures the survival of Aphelios by granting lifesteal with every attack. Some resistance doesn’t hurt a champion who’s usually fragile.

Weapon 3 – Gravitum

This cannon will be able to secure the hunt for certain targets. It will also help to escape and reposition itself due to the great difference in speed of movement it will generate.

Weapon 4 – Infernum

In theory, this weapon will inflict a lot of damage in an area that should not only be used to clear waves of minions, but also to hit several enemies in a team fight.

Weapon 5 – Crescendum

No doubt this option will serve to kite (run from the enemy while shooting) and be able to deal with enemies hand-to-hand. Its speed according to proximity will make Aphelios a very elusive target when you have this weapon active.

The Aphelio’s Skill Set is a true revolution in LoL. With 5 weapons and 6 skills so far, successfully handling champions like Yasuo, Azir, and Riven was within the reach of only the most skilled players.

The gameplay of these and other complex champions requires an in-depth understanding of both their particular skills and mechanics, as well as how the game works. As we can see, Aphelios goes even further.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Review Introduction

One of the many phenomenal “Grand Theft Auto” games in the line Rockstar has managed to create! With so many fantastic reviews about it and how it has managed to keep out with 2019, let’s take an honest deep look into what this game really is.


There isn’t a main character/protagonist in Grand Theft Auto, instead, you follow 3 main characters.

1) Michael De Santa, a dishonest dad, just hoping to reunite his family after what he had put them through.

2) Frankly Clinton, a hard worker introduced to the world of crime throughout the various missions.

FunFact: The actor who played Frankly Clinton is related by blood, in real life to Carl Johnson, which is the main character on another well known GTA game, San Andreas.

3) Trevor Philips, an unruly character who doesn’t think twice about his decisions. Introduced later in the game.

Overall, I love the characters, it feels like everyone has a part of each of these characters in them, someone who doesn’t care about their actions, someone trying to piece back what they’ve broken, and someone who gets brought up in the wrong way.

Throughout the game, you get slowly and personally emotionally attached to each character, an example would be how Michael starts off with an endless amount of trouble while speaking to his therapist about it, while nearing the end off the game (MAJOR SPOILERS) the game ends off with his family feud being mostly settled and he finally gets back to his wealthy honest life, he always wanted since the start. (END OF SPOILERS)

Regardless, I love each particular character, they each offer a unique trait to this genre of a game, while still keeping it remarkably exciting every time you play it.


All the missions were exceptionally exceeding of my expectations one by one, they offered different scenarios and objects to play around with while keeping its core value of a Grand Theft Auto game.

I deeply appreciate the smaller detailed missions such as Minisub, where you are enabled to steal a submarine, or Cargobob, where you steal a CargoBob, and so much more. They offer something not mindbending or anything, but instead something special, something unique, something that makes it a Grand Theft Auto Games. Though many might disagree with me here, I feel like this is what makes Grand Theft Auto 5 so memorable for me, it’s not just about the grenade launching, the shooting or the parachuting, it’s the smaller details. And I’m glad Rockstar didn’t miss out on these, even though they can be well off without it.

Something we can all widely agree on is how damn good the heists missions are. That includes The Bureau Raid and The Big Score. If they were by themselves, they probably wouldn’t be as exciting or adrenaline-rushing as we remembered. It’s the set-up for both of those that enable for it to slowly built up.

Its missions are some of what RockStar absolutely nailed and excelled on this time round.


Realistically, after you’ve completed the campaign you won’t be playing the Single Player mode anymore. Unless you enjoy the huge variety of mods fans have crafted over the years.

For me at least, I don’t enjoy the mod downloading process at all, I wish Rockstar would notice this community and help streamline it to make it easier for users and creators to enjoy such specialities. I haven’t tried many mods, but from looking at what others have managed to accomplish, I’m sure you can gain a few hours of non-stop fun.

Next up in replayability, would be multiplayer, something Rockstar has been trying to focus on. Instead of adding Singleplayer DLC, they’d rather give it to Multiplayers. Something I can’t get my head around is why Rockstar just can’t get the basics right if you’re going to create a Multiplayer mode, exploiting should be high on your agenda. Along with long wait times, expensive Shark Cards (it’s in-game currency), expensive in-game items. To be quite honest, the multiplayer is a disaster. Regardless, if you enjoy a nice afternoon with friends playing Grand Theft Auto 5, this feature should be more suited towards you, but just keep in mind all the exploiters trying to ruin your experience.

Overall, there isn’t much replayability in GTA 5, unless of course, you’re a speedrunner. But if you’re just like me, you play it for about 30 hours, complete the game and never looked back. Therefore, unfortunately, this is where RockStar has fallen short on creating something we can go back to on the daily.


After GTA 4, it looked like it couldn’t get any better and yet RockStar surprised us, yet again. If you want to see for yourself how immeasurable it’s graphics are, just know that this game was released in 2013, and as of 2019, 6 YEARS LATER, it looks as good as the newest triple-A title available.

Even after so many years, many hardcore fans have still been discovering various easter eggs and theories, which just goes to show how much extra details have been put into this masterpiece.

Final Statement

There is no doubt just how good Grand Theft Auto 5 is, as proven but it’s expanding fan base day by day. I would overall give this game a 9/10, it would have been a perfect score if it was just able to nail replayability and the multiplayer aspect of it.

Honestly, I’d highly recommend you pick this up, wait for a sale if possible. Right now, it’s prices are rather inexpensive for such a great title!

Editors note: This article was written on 15/12/19. Information might fluctuate.

How to Properly Play Support

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A lot of people don’t give supports the credit they deserve and often times they can be the unsung heroes of games because they provide all the important pieces to the game besides getting all the kills. First the most important thing in a game like DotA 2 is map awareness and vision. Second, the other part to playing supports effectively is keeping their cores alive, and ensuring their carries get the proper farm they need so their carries can get the items they need early enough to come online and ensure the win.

During the laning stage of the game (usually the laning stage lasts around 10 minutes), the supports should focus on stacking and pulling, blocking enemy creep camps, harassing the enemy heroes out of the lane, as well as rotating when appropriate to help assist the other lanes. Knowing what support to pick is key, because if you get a support that can’t harass the enemy hero in the lane well enough, then it makes it really hard for your carry to get any farm. If you notice that the camp has been blocked by your tower in the safelane, make sure to deward it immediately, as you will want the enemy creeps pushing as close to your tower as possible.

Getting vision right outside (or around) the T1 towers of the enemy’s territory will help you not only gank more effectively, but it will also prevent your offlane teammates from getting ganked as often. Sometimes you have to be a little more clever with your ward placements when warding the enemy territory as they will be constantly trying to ward and deward that area (just like you will be doing for your team on your side of the map). A lot of times the team who wins is the team who’s most effective at gaining control of map vision.

Typically speaking, if you’re playing support the proper way, especially if you’re solo supporting with no help from your teammates, you shouldn’t get your first item until around the 30 minute mark. Most all your money should be going towards providing vision as well as keeping a healing salve and possibly a mango or two, to make sure your carry gets to keep as much of their gold as possible and you can heal their life and/or mana when they get low.

The two main items that supports should usually go for is either a Glimmer Cape, or a Force Staff. The itemization depends on if the enemy has a lot lockdown, or do they have heroes with good map control (heroes that can move around the map very fast), and do they have any natural detection heroes, like Slardar, or Bounty Hunter. If they have heroes with lockdown, then Force Staff is always a better choice, that way you can push your carry closer to your team when they’re stunned or trapped in a situation where they can’t escape. If they have heroes that have good map control, then Glimmer Cape is always a solid choice for saving your carries.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of how to play support. Remember that items like Hood of Defiance or Crimson Guard is typically a position 3 or 4 item, and is generally not built by the hard support. Make sure that you ward the map early and often, and rotate early if you expect an incoming gank. Once you have more experience playing the game you will be able to tell if the hero you chose will be able to save one of your teammates depending on what type of situation you’re reacting to.

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Apex Legends, Another Shot at Battle Royale

On February 4th, 2019 Apex Legends was released to the world. A game that was instantly accepted by the battle royale community, with no prior advertising on the game! The best way to explain Apex Legends: if a very talented game designer evaluated all of the pros and cons from Fortnite, Call of Duty Battle Royale mode, Player Unknown Battlegrounds and have a history of previously playing Halo games, then take all of his or her research to create a game. After one week of being open to the public, Apex Legends was able to proudly announce that they already had over 25 Million players! Very impressive. Apex Legends takes an exciting spin on battle royale mode, players can select from different characters who all offer different qualities(previously seen in COD battle royale). This allows players to test out different characters and see which one suits their playing style best. Another exciting factor to this game was the introduction of the “ping” option where you can tell teammates where the enemy is or where specific weapons are located. This was a nice addition to battle royale, allowing players to communicate without having to speak through the mic.

After a few weeks of playing Apex Legends(as an average or possibly below average skill level), a few things become clear to me. First of all, Apex Legends is just another battle royale game. Updates will attempt to keep your interest, but as the above average and pro gamers begin to grow more and more talented the chances of you being alive at the end of the round becomes slim to none. Unfortunately for Apex, it is likely that another battle royale mode will come around and interest your average gamer, pulling them away from Apex. My money is on the highly anticipated battle royale mode for Battlefield V coming out later this month to put a large dent into the total gamers playing Apex.

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The point here is that with the battle royale community, the mind set is “what is hot now?” I do not see there being a battle royale game that is released that steals the battle royale community away for good. Updates can keep gamers engaged long enough until the next take on battle royale is released. BUT, while Apex legends is in the spotlight, it is worth taking your shot on the playing field at getting a victory.

In summary I have pros and cons for the now “Hot” Apex Legends:


-Interesting new take on battle royale

-Exciting classes to learn to play with

-When you are eliminated by opponents, you have a chance to still be saved by taking you dog tag to a designated location to bring you back to life, but with no armor or guns

-Game is relatively new and you still have a chance to get a win without being “pro.” (for now)

-Updates are coming soon to give recent starters a chance to get a leg up on gamers who have been playing since day 1

-The game is fun to play with or without your friends


-Graphics are nothing to write home about

-You will die… A LOT

-If you are not into Titan Fall/Halo style games where it can take a full clip to take out your enemy, this game will not be for you

-It will take time to fully grasp this game and what it has to offer

-A new game will come around and take away the excitement around this game sooner, rather than later

Good luck and happy gaming!

The Walking Dead Telltale Series

The Walking Dead Telltale Games series is finally coming to a close. The company declared bankruptcy last year and many worried it wouldn’t get a true ending. The series had four seasons with lovable characters.

The first character you meet is Lee. Lee was in the back of a cop car. That’s when everything breaks lose and the cop hits a zombie and you crash. Then you meet Clementine. Clementine was left at her house with a babysitter while her parents went out of town. The story progresses and you meet new faces. People seem to come and go, but it only gets real once Lee is bitten. Clementine is forced to make a decision of killing or leaving him there.

The series then follows Clementine and her journey of survival. She meets many new people along the way and tries her best to survive. She always remembers what Lee told her. This is why she stayed alive so long. The characters you meet along the way sometimes make a reappearance. This is what gives the game its life and meaning, but it slowly starts to lose it as so many new characters are being introduced and lost.

The series always follows Clementine, and it soon adds a baby named AJ. Clementine does her best to keep him safe and well nurtured. She still remembers Lee and sometimes asks him for advice. The story is kept alive through Clementine and sticks to that.

The final season set to tie up some lose ends and give Clementine and AJ a forever home. As you progress, you can find many collectibles laying around to put in your room. This let’s the player know Clementine and AJ will eventually be able to settle down. The season is equally balanced with many action packed moments and some sad moments. This makes the season worth playing.

After the games most recent update, it added in the final episode. This brings the beloved series to its conclusion. The episode has you on the edge of your seat, due to Clementine facing more life or death decisions. She is forced to choose what is best for her and AJ. These decisions lead up to a shocking conclusion making it a must play for anyone who fell in love with Clementine. The episode will have you begging for more and make it replay it all over from the start.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Arguably The Best Game Ever Made?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game based in the western US, showing everyone how the Wild West life was lived with a little imagination. The game was released on October 26th, 2018 and has since been the most played and most talked about game ever.

It all began with a trailer of the game which concurred the hearts of the gaming world including myself, introducing the spectators with the games new features, story background and graphics which were just amazing. Not only has it got a storyline, but it also has side missions to fully complete the game – starting from story line side missions to collecting every animals fur in the game (there are a lot of them). Also, the game can be played online with another storyline and various fun online based missions which brings another side to the game.

As the only downside to this game I could mention are the couple of bugs during the game, which by the way has happened to all games in the history of gaming. As for the good things – the game gives you so many options to each aspect. You can buy and sell horses and even modify their appearance and physics, you can pat them, feed them, basically make relationships with horses as to improve the connection between you and the horse. You can also change your characters appearance, such as clothes, boots, facial hair and so on, as well as upgrade your strengths. You can also modify and upgrade your weapons (appearance, range and so on). And with actions you make your own story. The way you build relationships with the citizens and town affects your storyline slightly.

The character. To survive in this game, you have to both, feed yourself and rest. The game is developed so that neither you or the horse can not be immortal. You have to make time for rest and you have to eat something to balance your energy level and there are a couple of ways of doing that. You can either buy food at the local stores or hunt your own food, which you can later cook or craft to your desire, which also is an important aspect of the game (crafting).

In general, I would like to say that this is the best game of not only 2018/2019, but in the history of games. I would definitely recommend everyone to go try it out.

Cyberpunk 2077 May Be Hitting The Shelves By The End Of 2019

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated titles from CD Projekt. The Polish developer has remained silent for several years before their unveil trailer at E3 2018 but not much was said since then. With not much information at hand, the E3 trailer presented created a lot of hype for both PC and console gamers.

In recent news, several leaks and a job listing by CD Projekt may be hinting at a 2019 release. The developer is looking for a release manager whom will be responsible of communicating with stakeholders and organize the release process. He will be responsible for submissions to console manufacturers and he will be tasked with overseeing the compliance certification process as well as maintaining relationships with publishing partners.

The job listing itself does not mean that they are looking for a release manager for CyberPunk 2077 specifically but that is a valid speculation. The Release Manager overall, will help the studio with its upcoming titles as CD Projekt is working on several franchises in parallel.

The second piece of information that hints the same thing is more of an inside leak. Territory Studio collaborated with CD Projekt and helped create the logo for the game. The studio leaked on reddit that they are looking forward for a 2019 release while describing the game. The post from Territory Studio has since been deleted but the thread on reddit is still available.

In realistic terms, a 2019 release is quite possible. Back in August 2018, CD Projekt stated in a press release that the game is playable from start to finish meaning that a release is not too far away. At that time, game produce Richard Borzymowski stated that they are still missing some assets and playtesting for bugs has not been properly commenced. This sounds like the game is in its final stages of production since the entire core of the game has been built and the story and campaign are completed. The final polishing of the game seems to be in process and may be the final step right before the release.

As far as official news go, CD Project likes to maintain the secrecy as far as Cyberpunk 2077 goes. More official news and possibly a release date are expected to be officially announced at E3 this year. E3 2019 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention center on June 11. Cyberpunk 2077 has been announced officially to be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation4 and will have cross-gen compatibility.

Fallout 76

The Fallout franchise might just the most popular post-apocalyptic RPG game series of all time and Fallout 76 looks to continue the trend. While it fits the same mould as its predecessor and on the surface it would look like any other fallout game but the core difference is the multiplayer aspect associated with it. While all the previous Fallout games were single player, Fallout 76 is online only. It sets out be what Elder Scrolls Online is but instead in the Fallout universe. While all of this may sound really sweet, but the game is somewhat the contrary.

Fallout 76 acts as a prequel to all other fallout games and is set in an alternate timeline in the year 2112, about twenty-five years after a nuclear war that had devasting effects on Earth. The protagonist is part of a special shelter called Fallout 76 that was built to house the best minds of the country. And on a day named as ‘Reclamation Day’, the player exits the shelter, in order to the execute the plan, that is to re-colonise the land.

Coming to the mechanics and gameplay, it deploys the usual Bethesda’s RPG formula that we have known in all other games except on a map that’s even bigger, about four times bigger than Fallout 4 to be precise, filled with 20 other players. The surroundings, even though they may not look pretty at first, but certainly are enamouring especially it’s gorgeous lighting. But apart from that it looks and feels empty, especially due to lack of any interactive NPCs, which adds up to the emptiness. The only way the plot is driven forward is by recordings of dead quest givers and robots. Which doesn’t offer a whole lot of satisfaction when after ploughing through hoards of enemies, you realise there isn’t an actual person to reward you. The biggest strength of this game is it’s exploration, wandering the wastelands of Appalachia. The little things you find hidden on the surface tells stories of how the world was before everything went awry, from finding stuffed animals to underground caves and bunkers.

Even though the game is targeted as an online multiplayer, it feels more like a co-op PvE than PvP, where players work together in order to complete a quest. Although other players could be fought, the reward for doing so is certainly very meagre and not worth the hassle. When you are not running around the map killing enemies after enemies, you are crafting and collecting. Anything that can be interacted with, can be collected and be crafted for better weapons or gears for the camp. There are also a huge number of weapons and armours to collect, each one with a different ability and offers a different way to approach a quest. Towards the end, the game struggles even more with its repetitive tasks ending up leaving a sense of doing the same thing over and over again in a loop.

Barring the various glitches and bugs, Fallout 76 isn’t a terrible game but it isn’t anything special either. It feels like an experiment in progress rather than a complete monolithic game.


With FIFA 19, Electronic Arts have finally solidified their position as the number one soccer gaming franchise. Different from older versions which have hooked gamers from all around the world, this installment has been heavily tweaked. With lots of changes which give you a seamless gaming experience.

FIFA has been a very cool couch multiplayer game. But if you are looking for a much more exhilarating soccer experience you are at the right address with FIFA 19. The most advanced installment in this FIFA trilogy. Which has managed to cultivate a cult-like following in the gaming world. In terms of gameplay there has not been a monumental shift from the older versions, but the things that have changed, are all cool! This has made the gameplay more unpredictable. It is like walking through the darkness in the midst of a jungle. You have no idea what to expect.

Do you remember how in old FIFAs you always felt as if there are some kind of rails on the turf, something which pulled you back? No matter how you tried pushing the pedal there was something not aligning. Like a chink in the lining. Thus, passes did not follow certain patterns and you knew exactly which shots were going in and which ones were not? Well, I do not want to say that this has completely changed, but you are controlling matches more yourself and things are being reduced by an invisible Hand of God. This is due to subtle changes that have had a defining impact on the game. Making it livelier and more enjoyable. All in all, the game is more balanced. This is because FIFA has to appeal to both professional gamers and those who want to have a good time.

Of course, there is more. The end of the Alex Hunter trilogy in the Journey, where the writers really went all-out and weaved a tale from the heavens. The magical tune of the Champions League that makes its appearance just and unadulterated. I mean it’s pure and it sounds so epic. (well Electronic Arts also paid lots of bucks for it of course). Even Ultimate Team, the ultimate form of dollar printing where EA would prefer not to feel too much changed by the new design of the Divisions (now called Rivals) different. Fresh. It is a pity that the Career Mode is still exactly the same, not much has changed.

Now that I am talking about lesser things: attacking is way much easier than defending. Certainly, the new 50/50’s help, but too often results in the end in 6-4 or 8-1 because attackers are way too overpowered. Also, cunt: cheap penalties. I had three games in a row, of which one in the last minute of an exciting 0-0. So frustrating. And do not come up with, ‘learn to defend’, because in FIFA 18 it never happened and I know very well whether I play the ball or the man. The VAR could be a welcome addition, but unfortunately, it is not (yet) available this year.

Be that as it may, FIFA 19 is brilliantly total, natural and yet extraordinary. New. Indeed, regardless I have the feeling that you can trick less than in PES. But if you want to experience the most want to experience the most complete soccer game this year, you need to take a gamble on FIFA. It will charm you with its sheer elegance and class. FIFA 19, a movement for the masses.

Overwatch’s Next Major Patch Will Need A Full Reinstall

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The next major patch for first-person shooter game, Overwatch will require a full reinstall. This is according to Blizzard Entertainment’s official website for the game. Overwatch churns out a patch every few weeks, with several of them being substantial in size. However the next major patch will need a full re-install of the game’s files.

This is due to drastic changes that are being done to the back end of the game in both the PC and console versions of the game. According to what Blizzard told Kotaku this patch is a “remaster” patch whereby the changes are supposed to fix bugs on several maps, improve load times, optimise memory, and finally alter data formats to make way for future content.

Furthermore for Playstation 4 gamers, the game will undergo an overhaul to make the game take up less space on the hard-drive. In comparison to current big first-person shooter games which come in at 50 gigabytes, Overwatch is significantly smaller.

As to whether this will affect matchmaking or change damage dropoff, or affect the upcoming new content it is still unclear. So we will just have to wait for the patch to come out.

Blizzard understand that this complete reinstall of the game could prove to be an inconvenience to gamers due to the size of the game’s file (For those who are unaware Overwatch game file ranges from 20 to 30 gigabytes) Especially for those on capped or slow internet connections. That’s why they made an announcement on their official Overwatch website, so that gamers can prepare themselves for this update.

The reinstall process will be fully automated and as such the game client will download and reinstall itself without the players having to do so themselves. This is barring anything going horribly wrong during the uninstall/reinstall process. Furthermore if you are playing the game on a PC and you downloaded the PTR (that’s Public Test Realm) version of Overwatch then the download will smaller by a considerable amount.

The 29th hero, Ashe will be included in this next major patch as well as her sidekick B.O.B. Ashe is currently undergoing public testing in the Public Test Realm. However unlike other BlizzCons we won’t get a new map with our new hero. Lately new social features have been added, such as Looking For Group. Other new social features are said to be in the pipeline and subsequently it can be assumed that the alteration of data formats to make way for future content can include the new social features.

It is still unclear as to when exactly this patch will be released however, according to the announcement on the Overwatch official website they have indicated that they will announce the release date on their website. Also, don’t forget to check out our sponsors, www.heroboosting.com and www.boostinghero.com for all your Overwatch boosting needs.

The game developers Blizzard have constantly pushed the boundaries of the game by constantly pushing updates and not being afraid to deal with demanding decisions. This is illustrated with the introduction of the 29th hero Ashe who according to Scott Mercer the Principal Designer was almost abandoned and even now her fate remains unresolved.

Another Overwatch Patch Update

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Blizzard recently announced Overwatch updates for testing on the PTR. The Public Test Region is PC only, however, the changes which are working have been made available on PS4 and XBOX when they are live in the major game.

The update creates various changes to Reaper, Mercy, Symmetra and the Roadhog. Mercy’s Ultimate cost has been lowered by 15 percent and her healing in each second is boosted from fifty to sixty, rendering her a more crucial healer. The spread design of Reaper’s shotguns has been changed to be more consistent and the health amount he derives from Reaping has been boosted, that improves the offensive capability in the head-on battles. Symmettra’s basic fire beam is charged twenty percent faster, this raises her damage ability significantly.

Roadhog has the most changes in this new update. His Chain Hook begins cooling down when in use and minimizes the victim’s speed. The spread design on his Scrap Gun has been altered hence his primary, as well as secondary fire, provide more damage. Whole Hog’s knockback velocity has been improved making Roadhog send his enemies flying. Generally, Roadhog can now consistently trap the other players, impart enormous damage and clear them away so he can repeat it again.

You can find the complete patch notes for PTR update on Blizzard’s website. I have outlined the main points below.

General updates


-A choice of using Windows Spatial audio is currently available. You can find this feature in Windows Start Menu below the Control Panel-Sound and Hardware-Sound-Speaker Gadget-Spatial Sound.

Hero updates


1.Scrap Gun

-Spread randomization minimized by 50 percent.

-Spread pattern altered for secondary and primary fire.

2.Whole Hog

-Horizontal recoil reduced slightly.

-Knockback optimum velocity improved by 25 percent to ten meters every second.

3.Chain Hook

-Reduced the delay prior pulling the hooked target to 0.3 seconds from 0.5 seconds.

-The targets momentum has been greatly reduced when hooked.

-Cool down commences spontaneously, rather than after the enemy has been drawn.


-The Hellfire Shotguns have the spread randomization minimized by fifty percent.

-In reaping, life steal improved to 30 percent from 20 percent of damage delivered.


-The ultimate cost was minimized by fifteen percent.

-The healing in each second rose from 50 to 60.

Bug Fixes


-Solves the issue which prompted the Mei bots to try landing head shots on the Wrecking Ball when immune to them in the Roll mode.

-Solved the issue which prompted the bots to be stuck close to Point A.

Hero gallery


-Fixed the bug which prompted some heroes’ legs to twitch when seen in the Gallery.

-Fixed the issue which prevented players against rotating in the Hero Gallery when the UI is hidden.


-Solve the issue which permitted the player to hear the heroes’ voice lines commanded by muted players.

-Custom games as well as Game Browser.


-Solved the bug preventing payload from the haling enemies in case they were destroyed during pushing it on Escort maps.

-Solved the lighting problem which prompted the skyscraper in the skyline of Hollywood to look dark.

Far Cry 5: Finding Eden

The Far cry franchise has been setting goals for the free world FPS genre of the game for long. Mixing the blend between RPG and FPS perfectly with a meticulously crafted game story and intense graphics, the game blows you away.

Being a fan of the series and having been completely blown away by Far Cry 4 I was quite surprised that Ubisoft will be able to trump that. But they have raised the bar higher with Far Cry 5. Even though I found the storyline for the fourth part more engaging, how Far Cry 5 is structured makes up for the storyline. With more emphasis on freedom and giving more control to the player on how to structure the storyline they have really refined the series further. The plot is similar to most of the games in the series, slowly building up a resistance against a huge army and engaging in guerrilla warfare and using the terrain to your advantage.

The option to explore and find your own path is more, with a little nudge from the game in which direction you want to take, it leaves you with a plethora of options so much so that it might be crippling but that is a nice problem to have. With nothing of importance marked on the map, you have to play with close scrutiny of your understanding and upon stumbling on an important part of the area it shall be saved on your map. Talking to civilians and following the storyline carefully really helps in figuring out the game and advancing further. All of this helps to make the story progression much more organic and you really feel like you’re exploring the world and discovering things on your own. This was one part which I felt really made the game much more refined than the previous parts of the series.

There has been a lot of detailing that has been done in creating the world around you and the creators really want you to take in all the beauties that they have incorporated into the game, hence the absence of a mini-map was a welcome change as that helped to take in the full glory of your environment and concentrate more on the surroundings which is really required as there is no marking to help you to find your way.

The basic structure remains the same, you are free to select your own ways to get involved in conflicts and how to join them, you have the freedom to either be discreet and take down your enemies without them even realizing or making it seem like an accident by getting some animals to do your dirty work or going in all guns blazing. All of this really gels well with the added freedom that the creators have provided. The added Guns for hire options really gives you a plethora of options on how you want to tackle each mission as it gives you the ability to include stealth or cover fire into your arsenal. These complement the way you want to operate and really end up being a big part of the game.

Far Cry 5 is all about the different aspects they have provided within the game and how you use all of them to carve out a different game for yourself. The freedom provided actually makes the game unique for the different styles of play and really left me spell bounded on how much the boundaries can be pushed for video games still.

Winter is Coming!

Overwatch will be starting off the annual “Winter Wonderland” event this week, and it will last through the month into January. A teaser clip showed the dates from 11th December to 2nd January. The video also revealed a part of the Blizzard World map done with holiday decorations.

The previous year’s Winter Wonderland event featured a new boss battle Brawl named Mei’s Yeti Hunt and the comeback of Mei’s Snowball Offensive fight. The Yeti Hunt rutted teams of five and all are Mei against Winston in the Yeti Skin, for the asymmetrical multiplayer experience which is similar to games like Friday the 13th or Evolve. This time we could see another Mei-based mode, and a comeback of one or both previous ones.

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The focus of new Overwatch events is new skins. A lot of these annual events will let you get a hold of the old skins that you might have missed and an array of new skins. As from last year’s Winter Wonderland, Overwatch has included Wrecking Ball, Ashe, and Brigitte. These heroes are probably going to acquire new fashionable holiday duds as well as holiday appearances for the rest of the holiday.

Along with Ashe, Blizzard came up with a large under-the-hood overhaul for Overwatch. Its mechanic for achieving new cosmetics is being scrutinized. But the Australian and US governments are having considerations of investigating loot boxes.

In other Overwatch news, joining Atlanta, Toronto and Hangzhou is Washington D.C in the Overwatch League prior to the season of 2019. Washington Justice will be its name and will have a shield bearing a red, blue and white of the U.S flag as their symbol. The team showed its logo and name in a short teaser video on Twitter.

Although there is nothing much besides the logo released by the Justice, we know some support staff and one player. The team will be trained by Kim, who was previously an NYXL coach. Washington already signed a player, selecting the
ex-NYXL tank player, Janus, after he became a free agent at the beginning of 2018.

Washington Justice is among the eight companies joining Overwatch League as part of the year two plan expansion. The second season of Overwatch league will kick off in February with a new design as part of its extension.

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The action is high with the inclusion of the newest hero: Ashe. Fight the enemy as the legendary brigand armed with a Viper, the action-level rifle which is fired from the hip or using aim down sights, significantly boosting her firepower. Put your attackers on fire using dynamite and have an upper hand in all situations with the Coach Gun, which can be utilized to blow away attackers or propel yourself to vantage places.

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Play Overwatch For Free This Weekend!

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Play Overwatch For Free This Weekend!What better time to have a free Overwatch event than during the exciting Lunar New Year event? Now, new players have a chance to not only experience the base game, but the exciting addition of limited-time events with opportunities for great loot and prizes. So, how can you play Overwatch for free? Well, starting this Friday, February 16th, there will be a three-day-long event where anyone can play Overwatch. Well, three and a half hours, to be exact. And it’s completely free.

Be sure you’re at your PC or console starting at 11:00 am on Friday. The event runs all the way until Monday, Feb. 19th, at 11:59 pm. That’s four full days of action-packed adventure and a great opportunity for new players!Available Content During the Free EventA lot of players, both current and interested, are curious about what kind of content they’ll get to access during the free event. Since its launch in 2016, Overwatch has been happy to host free-to-play events to encourage new players to join and experience what the hype is all about.

So, during the free event, you’ll get to access pretty much everything!That’s right, everything. All 26 characters, all 17 maps, and all game modes will be available for the free-to-play gamer. You can try your hand at Capture the Flag, or you can test the Escort missions while finding a variety of ways to defeat the enemy opponents. Plus, the annual Lunar New Year event, the Year of the Dog, is going on right now, and it lasts all the way to March 5th. That means that it runs in correspondence with the free-to-play event. New players can participate in the unique Capture the Flag map and mode, and find out what it’s like to play their favorite heroes on a competitive platform. Regions and Download OptionsThis is where it gets a bit tricky.

New players to the game might find it daunting to go up against the more experienced players, so if you’re looking for some help in the form of some Overwatch boosting or coaching, you can get in touch with our sponsors for this post – www.boostinghero.com or www.boostards.com!

The availability of this event can differ depending on whether you’re using a console or a PC. If you’re on the PC, which most players tend to be, you can participate in the free-to-play event in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, with the exception of Korea. All Blizzard-approved regions are typically available on PC.But if you’re on a console, your options are far less limited. Xbox One and PS4 players can access the free-to-play event from pretty much any region! Plus, if you don’t already own the game, and you’re interested in trying it out for the first time on a console, it can be pre-downloaded on February 13th, starting at 11 am. The PC, unfortunately, has no pre-download option. But it shouldn’t take too long to install once you’re set up with a Battle.net Blizzard account. What do you think of the free-to-play events? How do you feel about the availability differences between PC and console? Let us know your thoughts!

Managing the Power in Your Cyclops: A Subnautica Guide

One of the coolest items in Subnautica is the Cyclops: The gigantic 54 meter long submersible mother ship you’re able to craft after searching for an exhaustive 9 wreckage fragments. The cyclops sports several unique features such as the ability to customize the interior using your habitat builder and the ability to dock and charge smaller vehicles inside its built-in drydock. However, for all its advantages the Cyclops does have two key drawbacks: its cumbersome maneuvering and its tendency to suck power cells dry relatively quickly. There’s not much you can do for the former other than practice, but there are several tips you can use to make the most out of your Cyclops’ power supply and not be left stranded in the deep:

– First, borrow from real-world boating and follow the Rule of Thirds: Plan to use a third of your energy on the way out, a third on the way back, and leave the last third reserved for emergencies. This rule does nothing to help *extend* your power supply, but it does help you plan your expeditions out better so that you’re far less likely to run in to a low energy crisis in the middle of a situation.

– Second, always carry spare power cells, but never plan on using them. I know I told you in the previous tip to leave a third of your main power supply reserved for emergencies, but that in itself isn’t enough. It’s always good to carry extra power cells on hand in case things get really bad. However it’s important that you seriously only use the spare cells for a TRUE emergency – don’t just use them to extend your expedition time, or else you might not have them available when you actually need them.

– Third, consider setting up small charging shelters around the map. This obviously has some resource cost to it, but it’s worth the investment. A charging shelter is just a simple microbase (usually only a single tube module) stocked with some power cell chargers and hooked up to a renewable power source such as solar or geothermal. If you have room you can even throw a medkit fabricator and a locker full of emergency rations in there so that you can patch yourself up while you’re waiting for your ship’s cells to charge.

– Fourth, remember that driving isn’t the only thing that drains your power! I’ve seen a lot of new players who have had their ship’s energy supply suddenly die out on them unexpectedly, and it’s always because they had used equipment or features that they didn’t realize fed off of the ship’s engine. Remember that any time you dock a smaller vehicle it will charge itself off of the ship’s cells. Likewise keep in mind that most of the ship’s special features (such as “silent running” mode or the optional shield feature) will drain MASSIVE amounts of power since they are designed to only be used in emergencies. Lastly, remember that any habitat equipment you install such as fabricators and battery chargers will drain power just like they would inside a base.

In addition to these four tips keep in mind you can also craft in-game items to help extend your ship’s longevity, such as the “Engine Efficiency” upgrade module and the “Ion Power Cells”, which carry double the energy capacity of the basic power cells. However, with the tips I’ve outlined above you’d be amazed at how long you can run a “stock” Cyclops before having to return to base!

Subnautica’s Sound Designer Has Been Canned

Readers familiar with my articles have noticed that lately I’ve been a little preoccupied with Subnautica, the underwater survival/exploration game. A few months ago I took a shot on this Early Access title and like many other Sub-o-nauts it blew me away instantly. It very rapidly became one of my favorite games, and propelled indie studio “Unknown Worlds Entertainment” to the very top of my “companies to watch” list.

One of the things Subnautica excels at is its exceptional sound design – each sound effect is masterfully crafted by developer Simon Chylinski. Everything from the pleasant sci-fi whirring of the vehicle engines to the distinctive animal calls of each of the game’s exotic alien species adds to the immersive ambience – it’s hard to imagine what Subnautica would be like without Chylinski’s influence. That’s why it saddens me to say that recently Mr. Chylinski was let go due to statements he made on his personal twitter account.

To explain what happened we’ll need to go back a ways. In 2016 Unknown Worlds posted a poll essentially asking players if they would like the developers to work on a female player model for the game or work on other game features. The poll was deleted, prompting Chylinski to make sarcastic tweets about adding “diversity sliders” to the game’s options. At the time, Unknown Worlds wrote the tweets off as trolling. However, further tweets were uncovered with a myriad of other statements deriding immigrants, transgendered people, and other minority groups. When a few larger gaming blogs picked the story up Unknown Worlds opted to cut ties with Chylinski and part ways.

It’s unclear what impact (if any) this will have on Subnautica. At the time Chylinski was let go the base game was already completed and released (Subnautica officially left Early Access and became a fully published title on January 23rd, 2018). Since then the team has reportedly been working on an expansion or DLC, which Chylinski would have presumably been a part of. Very little is known about the DLC at this time other than the fact that it will feature an arctic-inspired biome. More specifically, we don’t know how many new sound effects were planned, if those effects were finished before Chylinski was fired, or if the plans have changed now that he’s gone. We also don’t know if Unknown Worlds has any other games in the works that may have been using Chylinski’s talents.

Video Game Awards!

It’s that time of year again, folks: trophies have been handed out, trailers have been debuted, and the 2017 Game Awards have come to a close. As promised by show’s producer Geoff Keighley the Game Awards was a lavish affair, almost as if it were the Oscars of the gaming world. There were sweeping orchestral performances, grandiose speeches, and even a few Hollywood celebrities in attendance. The real star of the show, however, was the myriad of highly anticipated game trailers that were released. We’ve already talked about a few of them (*cough*, In the Valley of Gods) but there truly were a lot.

Of course, the real reason for the show is the awards themselves. There were a lot of great games released this year and it’s really no surprise which ones won big – “Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild” took home Game of the Year, Best Game Direction, and Best Action/Adventure game. Brutally-hard indie darling “Cuphead” managed to score Best Art Direction, Best Independent Game, and Best Debut Indie Game. Best Narrative (an award I’m personally always interested in) was snagged by walking sim “What Remains of Edith Finch”. Of course, that’s just a small sampling of this year’s winners. Take a look at the other categories below:

– Chinese Fan Game Award: “jx3 HD”
– Student Game Award: “Level Squared”
– Best e-Sports Team: Cloud 9
– Best e-Sports Player: Lee Sang-hyeok (a.k.a. “Faker”)
– Trending Gamer: Guy Beahm (a.k.a. “Dr. Disrespect”)
– Most Anticipated Game: “The Last of Us Part II”
– Best Sports/Racing Game: “Forza Motorsport 7”
– Best Strategy Game: “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle”
– Best Family Game: “Super Mario Odyssey”
– Best Fighting Game: “Injustice 2”
– Best Roleplaying Game: “Persona 5”
– Best Action Game: “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus”
– Best VR/AR Game: “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard”
– Best Handheld Game: “Metroid: Samus Returns”
– Best Mobile Game: “Monument Valley 2”
– Best e-Sports Game: “Overwatch”
– Best Ongoing Game: “Overwatch”
– Games for Impact: “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice”
– Best Performance: Melina Juergens
– Best Audio Design: “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice”
– Best Score/Music: “NieR: Automata”

As I said, none of the awards are too surprising. I will say, however, that it’s nice to see Nintendo sweeping up a whopping 6 awards total. It seems that after their slump with the Wii/Wii-U the “Big N” is finally starting to come back in to the limelight. It’s also refreshing to see award categories for prominent people in the gaming community, and not just awards for the games themselves. I’m speaking mainly of categories like “Best e-Sports Team” and “Trending Gamer” – In a lot of ways modern gaming has become just as much a spectator media as TV or film, so it’s nice to see our players recognized as such.

These Overwatch League Roster Swaps Are Crazy!

With the success of the Overwatch League well underway, the league is already participating in some sponsored trades and team changes. There’s almost no evidence that this league is so new, with already a hugely professional amount of support and sponsorship behind it.

Before we start, you might want to check out some of our other OWL articles, here and here!

What kind of changes can the Overwatch League be making already? Well, the first stage was quite the learning curve for some of the players, and the teams focused on staying organized and adherent to their main goals.

After playing around in the professional arena for a bit, the OWL decided that some of its teams needed some fine-tuning.

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This week has seen some major swaps taking place, as well as some free-agent signing, which isn’t unusual for professional gaming leagues. But with the OWL so new, the speed at which the league is already making changes can come as a surprise for some.

According to ESPN, the LA Gladiators are ready to make a transfer. They have their eyes set on Chan-hyung “Fissure” Baek, the legendary tank player who has already made some impressive strides since the first stage began. A lot of teams have acquired out-of-league players too, such as the recent pickup of Dylan “aKm” Bignet by the Dallas Fuel.

And these swaps aren’t just happening within national borders, either. In fact, Dallas Fuel is also looking to trade for DPS player Kim “Rascal” Dong-jun. Kim came from London Spitfire, who, as you might recall, won stage one. While Kim himself didn’t participate heavily in stage one, he did show is strength back when he was with the Korean team KongDoo Panthera.

Florida Mayhem wants to get in on the action too. They’ve already picked up two new players, with the acquisition of Kim “aWesomeGuy” Sung Hoon and Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung Woo. Both of these players came from the Korean team Meta Athena, which became a legend in its own right.

These roster changes and new sign-ups aren’t just for players! Mayhem just signed a deal with Hyun-jin “r2der” Choi, the coach of Meta Athena. There is so much roster swapping action going on that it’s impossible to lay down a list of all the official trades and sign-ups at this moment. Over time, it will be easier to sort through all of the exciting changes to the OWL.

Aside from these official roster swap confirmations, there are plenty of rumors as well. Some rumors say that a couple of professional players from the OWL have been partaking in professional Overwatch boosting. It’s apparently quite a lucrative area to be in for pro players and can make up for the lack of earnings from being in a pro team. Boosting websites like www.boostards.com and www.boostinghero.com have been around for awhile now, so it’s no surprise that certain players have taken to this area to make a bit of side income.

Back to the topic at hand, official reports are having trouble understanding what’s real and what isn’t. Plus, there are some teams who just won’t announce who they’re picking up yet. For example, the Shanghai Dragons are rumored to have signed Geguri, but this is not yet confirmed.

Keep a close eye out as the upcoming days – and even hours – are sure to bring in more information on the OWL’s official movements! What do you think of the trades? Do you think this will help or hurt OWL’s standing as an eSports league? Let us know your thoughts!

Subnautica Released, Faith in Early Access Renewed

At long last, underwater survival game Subnautica has officially released. Four years ago the developers (Unknown Worlds Entertainment) published the game on Steam’s Early Access platform, where it languished briefly before being noticed by popular YouTubers such as Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. Ever since then it’s been gaining a cult following among fans of the survival and exploration genre. On January 23 player’s patience was finally rewarded as the game left Early Access and became a fully released title. You’ve heard me discuss Subnautica before, but now that it’s complete it’s time to go back and review the game in its whole state. My review can be summed up pretty easily: Subnautica is a rare example of Early Access done RIGHT.

Before we jump into what I mean by that, let’s talk about the release itself. The update was actually more symbolic than functional – the only content that was added was the final end quest of the main story line (which I won’t be spoiling for you here). Many gamers noticed that the update was only a few megabytes, leading them to suspect that the ending had already been pushed out in a previous patch and the “release” merely unlocked it. Indeed, in the weeks leading up to release day the developers were on an update frenzy, with a new build pushed out almost daily. Players noticed performance rapidly getting optimized and bugs getting swiftly squashed (and, unfortunately, new bugs sometimes being born). Previous to this “frenzy” the developers had pushed out updates roughly once per month, which sadly isn’t as common with EA titles as it should be.

And THAT is at the heart of what I mean when I say this is “Early Access done right”. We’ve all seen way too many EA offerings which promised the world, took our money, and then faded away into oblivion. Some of these games were outright scams, while some of them were newer developers who sincerely tried but merely got in way over their heads. It doesn’t matter what the reasons are – the fact is most EA games fail, players lose, and at this point many rightly view Early Access as a joke.

Despite all that, Subnautica has renewed my faith in the EA concept: for the entire four year run the developers were making constant regular updates to the game – every month or so a player could load it up and visibly see bug fixes, performance improvements, and new content. Perhaps more importantly, the developers were in CONSTANT contact with their players through the r/subnautica subreddit, the Unknown Worlds forums, and the Steam forums. They responded to player’s questions and concerns on a pretty much daily basis – they even took time to talk to yours truly more than once. To any budding developers thinking about going Early Access the lesson is simple: ENGAGE your players and push out patches regularly, even if it’s not quite as much progress as you had hoped. Don’t leave your customers hanging for years waiting for news or an update like many EA titles tend to do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short review as much as we enjoyed playing the game in its early access. If you can, we’d definitely recommend you to get the game once it comes out!

5 Things Game Developers Wish Gamers Knew

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to develop your own video game? Have you spent countless hours binge-watching documentaries trying to picture what goes through a game developer’s mind? Well, this time we’ve managed to get in touch with some of our game developer contacts to ask them what they think. Here are some confessions from professional game developers on what they wish gamers knew about their job.

1. We love gaming just as much as you do!

Nobody will ever force you to develop video games, only intense passion for gaming will get you this far. You have to love gaming culture and all it’s quirks; everything from cosplay to the multitude of sleepless nights. You have to dream, eat and live video games for you to even survive.

2. We know that the game has bugs in it

Game developers aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and sometimes we can’t fix everything. Most of us try to only ship games that have been debugged but in the end we can’t find every single bug. Maybe one day we’ll have a video game that is perfect but until then please keep bombarding our social media with your hilarious complaints.

3. We’re not greedy

There’s a common stereotype that all game development studios are greedy, all they do is churn out mediocre titles and overcharge gamers. The sad truth is that other than AAA studios most indie developers work for free and are only in this industry because they want you to have a wide variety of titles to chose from.

4. No video game has ever shipped on time

Writing over a million lines of code isn’t for the faint hearted. Moreover completing a project of such multitude without missing a deadline is even more badass. Don’t take it personally if we take a few extra months to finish a video game, it’s a lot of hard work.

5. High quality games cost a lot to build

Everything from high definition graphics to engaging gameplay will come a hefty budget if one wants to develop a great game. This is the real reason why games are getting more expensive and it is the reason why new technology such as Virtual Reality will take a while before it becomes mainstream.

[BONUS!] 6.You can make better games than we ever could

Don’t sit all day complaining about another man’s title, get up and make your own. Bring that frustration into the industry and maybe you’ll become the messiah of gaming. Bring in all that creativity that you’re burdened with and compete with us. We want to play your awesome game just as much as you want to play our titles.

There you have it, confessions from real-life professional developers. We hope we’ve satisfied some of your curiosity with this article, but if you have any other questions you have for our dev friends, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Who is Joining Season Two of the Overwatch League?

Believe it or not, the OWL is actually looking to expand going into next season. With the first stage such a huge success, it’s no wonder that Blizzard wants to expand. You might remember the last time we covered the Overwatch League, this time we’re covering the progress of the OWL. How exciting! For those who are disappointed at not being able to take part in the OWL, fret not, you might not be a professional player, but you can use the Overwatch boosting services of Boosting Hero and Boostards to obtain a higher rank in the game. Check them out, you won’t regret it!

overwatch boosting

But how exactly will they do it?

According to an anonymous Blizzard rep, the company is expecting to sell additional teams in the OWL later this year. They are experimenting with opening a few spots to potentially interested leagues and cities who want to host their own team.

While the venture is new, the idea is not. Blizzard has always expressed interest in growing the league, riding off the back of its success from the first season. There are currently 12 teams, who all participated passionately in the first stages of Season 1. But, the newest update hints at the potential interest in selling franchises.

While it is uncertain just how much the OWL will grow in season two, there are sure to be at least a couple new additions.

Will your city be the newest host of an Overwatch team?

According to statisticians, it is estimated that a new spot on the Overwatch League could cost up to $60 million, as a healthy estimate. Some say that it can cost even more. While this is not an unheard of amount in the world of professional sports and eSports, it is still staggering at first glance.

We don’t know how many spots they are opening up, but it can be safe to assume that there will be an even amount of openings on each of the two divisions. This means that there will be a minimum of two spots opening up for next season, which is super exciting.

What will this mean for ratings?

The stage one playoffs are estimated to bring the largest Overwatch audience in history, which is a sure sign that its popularity is growing. Directors of the League won’t budge when it comes to expanding, and they can be sure that adding new opportunities will invite an even larger audience than ever before.

The larger the OWL grows, the more expensive it will be to purchase a franchise moving forward. While no city is exempt from this opportunity, it could become increasingly more difficult for smaller cities to afford a spot on the league. Prospects are looking towards large cities like Chicago and Los Angeles to add more teams.

Do you think an inaugural Overwatch franchise is worth the asking amount? Which cities do you think will take up the bait and jump at the opportunity to join? Could this benefit Blizzard even more than they expect? Let us know your thoughts!

A Discussion on Gamers’ Entitlement

Despite the fact that it’s 2017, it’s still not unheard of to listen to people talk about gamers in offensively stereotypical terms. You’ve heard these people before – those who seem to assume that we’re all male, that we’re all young adults, that were all socially awkward, etc. As offensive and as factually incorrect as it may be those stereotypes still persist, sometimes even among gamers themselves. One of the more common ideas thrown about is the thought that all gamers are overly entitled nerds who nitpick every last detail of a game and are never happy unless the game is literally perfect.

I’ll give a full confession here: I am one of the guilty parties. Whenever I get excited for a newly released title I’ll find myself gravitating toward its relevant fan forums or subreddits. There I will usually find supposed fans of the franchise ripping the game to shreds over details that feel (to me) inconsequential. I’ve never been one to care about the technical quality of the graphics, or how well the dialog system was implemented, or if physics engine provided a NASA-precise simulation. When I see these complaints posted online I find myself sitting back in disbelief and thinking “the game is fun… isn’t that all that really matters?”

It’s at that moment that I hopefully get off my high horse and correct myself. The game might be fun FOR ME, but it was clearly lacking for these other gamers. I have to remind myself that video games are an incredibly sophisticated product, equal parts art and engineering. Every gamer appreciates games for a different reason, finds them fun for different reasons. Sure, I may not personally notice if a game is employing the latest HDR rendering techniques, but for another gamer that might be top on their list of expectations for a new title. Just because I might not give a glowing green mushroom about dialog doesn’t mean that another gamer wasn’t eagerly looking forward to reading how her favorite characters interact.

In short, I need to constantly realize and remember that I’m not the only gamer in the world, and that I don’t speak for the entire community. Everyone comes to gaming to experience different things, and I have no right to be the sole judge of quality for these other people.

When you step back and think about it, I think that may be the real problem and the reason why we’ve gained such an unsavory reputation for being entitled. So many of us get so wrapped up in what WE consider a good game that we forget other gamers might be working from a different playbook. We get offended when other gamers don’t care about quite the same things and pretty soon flame-wars erupt.

I’m not convinced that it’s necessarily a bad thing though. I mean yes, clearly, if you’re berating and insulting someone for having a different set of standards than you, that’s a problem. However, the core of that interaction – the debate and discussion about what we as individuals want out of our games – can be extremely enlightening and beneficial.

If we took a less combative stance when discussing our games, I think it could be an enriching experience for everyone. By framing the conversation as an exchange of ideas and values instead of as a fight between wrong vs. right, both sides stand to learn a lot more about their shared community and would likely cultivate a deeper personal appreciation for the art form that we all enjoy.

If this is starting to sound too hippy-dippy, I apologize. However, I think there’s a lot of value to be had here. When you’re discussing a new title with a fellow gamer you should absolutely give your opinions on it for better or worse. However, when your comrade offers a dissenting view, even if it’s one you’re wholeheartedly against, don’t fight it. Instead, take an interest – ask him to elaborate on how he came to that idea. Start a conversation, not an argument.

One of the coolest things about the modern gaming landscape is how huge and diverse the fandom has become. We need to remember to take advantage of our huge community and make a more enjoyable experience for all of us instead of retreating into our respective niches and fighting amongst ourselves. After all, as countless gamers have shown me on various forums, dialog matters.

The Overwatch League – A Game-Changing Announcement in eSports History!

At Blizzcon 2016, Blizzard made a huge announcement: An official Overwatch League will be formed. This announcement has made 2017 one of the most exciting years in Esports history, and surely one of the most vital times in Blizzard’s own Esports history as well.

We know that the Overwatch League is something that a lot of our readers are super excited about. Apart from all the usual Overwatch news and plugging for Overwatch boosting that we do for our partners.

The Overwatch League is a huge undertaking, and it inspires confidence in the promising future of Overwatch. This puts the game right up there with some of the most popular and competitive games in the world, like League of Legends. It is even on par with traditional sports leagues like the NBA or NHL. The logo of the Overwatch League is even designed in a similar fashion, as an homage to the traditional style of sports, and the passion for it that players and fans alike will always have.

So, what is the Overwatch League all about? Resources and information sources have been dropping like bombs since mid-July, making us all the more excited about the future of Overwatch. Here you’ll find a thorough overview of the Overwatch League’s main features as well as an outlook about its competitive scene.

When Does the Overwatch League Begin?

There has been so much buzz about the league, but still no official start date for its launch. Blizzard has been vague about any legitimate dates, promising only that the league will begin sometime in 2017. In late 2016, Mike Morhaime, the CEO and co-founder of Blizzard, did drop a small hint, saying that the first combined event would happen sometime this year. At the event, potential Overwatch League participants are to show off their teams and reach out to prospective players.

But this was paired with the promise that Blizzard would soon “start” the process of franchising and choosing official teams. If the Overwatch League is to begin in 2017, it may be too late to start the process now. But we can hold out hope that it will all be coming together later this year.

Overwatch League Activity

The Overwatch League, also known as OWL, did start a pre-launch event earlier this year, in June. The Overwatch Contenders tournament, also known as the “season zero” tournament, was a small competition that we suspect was meant for them to get their feelers out and get a sense for what the competitive league world will be like.

Sometime this month, in August, there is promised the beginning of Season One. Blizzard has plans for at least two divisions: American and European. There will be plentiful competitions and, of course, a nice portion of prize money involved.

Prospective League Teams

Activity on the OWL has sparked up the past couple of weeks. Blizzard has officially announced seven of the teams that will participate in this Overwatch League when Season One begins. For a list of cities and team owners, see the list below:

· Seoul: Kevin Chou ( Kabam)

· Los Angeles: Noah Whinston (Immortals)

· Boston: Robert Kraft (New England Patriots)

· San Francisco: Andy Miller (Founder of NRG Esports)

· New York: Jeff Wilpon (New York Mets)

· Shanghai, China: NetEase

· Orlando and Miami: Ben Spoont (Misfits Gaming)

Roster Information

While there have not been official player rosters announced yet, Blizzard has set some official rules as a precedent for the formation of new teams. For example, the rosters may only contain between 6 and 12 players. The teams themselves will provide the housing and training buildings for each player, although Blizzard will set the standard for housing requirements as well as for practice and training time. Also, there will be no region locks in terms of employment, with the exception of Koreans. This means that most players (except Koreans) can be employed at any league in any city or country.

Overwatch League Perspectives

For all Overwatch League pro player hopefuls, fret not, we understand that the road to becoming a professional Overwatch player is a long and tough one, but there might be some ways for you to fast track your route such as getting some Overwatch coaching! Have you considered that learning to play the game from experienced and better players might result in faster improvement?

Moving on, the involvement of traditional sports owners and managers, such as Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots, is a huge testament to the growing popularity and validity of Esports as an emerging sports scene.

Mainstream involvement is the key to a successful beginning, and all of the stars point in the OWL’s favor. In fact, Blizzard has used the structure of traditional sports teams as a foundation for how they want the Overwatch League to be run. This is what will highlight the big differences between OWL and something like LCS, which is more region-affiliated rather than city-affiliated. Blizzard has the chance to franchise each team per city, rallying loyalty just like a traditional football or baseball league wood. This has garnered much excitement for what’s to come with Overwatch and for the future of all Esports. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about the official Overwatch League!

Games you May Have Missed: Virtual Virtual Reality

Virtual reality as a whole is exciting but still somewhat of a niche market. That goes doubly so for Google’s “Daydream” platform, a mobile VR solution released last year to compete against Samsung’s more popular GearVR system. Daydream’s adoption rate has been slow for multiple reasons, and its library is only just now starting to see good, fully fleshed-out games. One of those games is the quirky “Virtual Virtual Reality”, a brilliant little title by Tender Claws studios that showcases polished control mechanics, fantastic writing, and Portal-esque humor.

SPOILER WARNING: As always, I’ll be doing my best to avoid spoiling anything major, but since we’ll be discussing the plot I make no gauruntees. You’ve been warned.

Virtual Virtual Reality (or “VVR” for short) puts you in to the world of Activitude, a company that provides temporary companionship to the various AI’s that now run the world. It’s your first day as their newest “human labor associate”, and your cheerful robot manager “Chaz” is there to help show you the ropes. During the game’s tutorial stage (cleverly inserted in to the story as “employee training”) Chaz introduces you to the game’s central mechanics and before you know it you’re ready to to start helping your first client! At the beginning the game makes it seem like the “jobs” are just framing devices for a collection of mini-games, but it quickly becomes VERY apparent that that’s not the case: something sinister is going on at the Activitude corporation, and it’s your job to find out what it is. By the time you’ve finished the game you’ll have realized this goofy whimsical title was actually a meta-commentary about VR, the gaming industry, artificial intelligence, the “gig economy”, and even about the nature of reality itself.

As fun as the story is, it’s the game mechanics that really make VVR special. Each AI “client” resides in its own virtual reality construct, and you get to them by putting on (and taking off) VR headsets inside the game. As the mystery begins to unfold you’ll use these in-game headsets to go deeper and deeper in to Activitude, resulting in some kind of VR Inception where it’s easy to forget how many layers of reality you’ve traversed. Early in the game you’re also given a tool that allows you to alter these worlds to a limited degree, allowing you to screw with your concept of reality even more.

In addition to the novel “virtual headsets” concept, VVR also remembers to polish the traditional game controls too. They make good use of Daydream’s Wii-like motion controller resulting in an intuitive experience that flows well with the premise of the game. Like many other VR titles, VVR uses the “teleportation” style of control for locomotion. However, it manages to implement it much more smoothly than any other Daydream title I’ve played to date.

I’m sure it’s obvious at this point, but I’m definitely a fan of VVR. I’ve been waiting for a well written story-driven Daydream game for a long time, and this title delivered in spades. I was fully immersed in what was happening not because of impressive graphical detail or breathtaking scenery, but because the game made me think. There’s too much to go in to here, but if you own a Daydream system then you owe it to yourself to play this title.

Gaming on Low-Powered Hardware: A Primer

If you haven’t already seen our other article about latest gaming technology, here you go. Trust me, it’s a good read!

There are lots of potential players out there who want to delve in to the world of PC gaming, but are hesitant due to the expensive technical requirements that most modern computer games seem to have. While some bleeding edge AAA titles honestly do require the best of the best when it comes to PC hardware you’d be surprised at just how much gaming you can get away with on a machine that’s older or cheaper. In this article I’ll attempt to show you some ways to stretch the performance of more modest computers so you can still enjoy gaming with the rest of the community.

Before we get in to the practicalities, let me first start by saying you should set realistic expectations. If you’re hoping to play the latest Medal of Duty: Honor Call at the highest settings on a toaster then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. A lot of the recommendations I’m going to make here revolve around making compromises to various things so that you can still enjoy a pleasant and worthwhile gaming experience even though it won’t be absolutely perfect. If you’re the type of gamer who can’t appreciate a title without experiencing it with the highest resolution textures and insane framerates, then this article may not be for you.

So, without further ado, here are my suggestions:

The biggest performance saver I can think of is to simply drop your screen resolution. Many PC games today support the newest 4K monitors, but they’ll still be designed to look good on regular ‘ol HD. Even if you managed to snag a 4K, give serious consideration to dropping the game’s render resolution down to 1920×1080 or even less. As long as you maintain the same aspect ratio you’ll be surprised how little you notice the resolution drop after a few minutes.

Next, learn how to fiddle with a game’s advanced video settings. Many games try to give you a quick, user-friendly way to adjust the relative graphical quality they’ll run at, usually in the form of a “Good – Better – Best” slider or drop down menu. This is great for convenience, however if you want to trim the maximum performance out of your game you might want to think about hitting that “advanced” button instead and manually changing the various values that go in to the game’s visual quality. The specifics will of course be different for each individual game but it seems like pretty much all of them have one or two values that can have a profound impact on performance while having relatively little impact to what you see on screen.

Third, remember to take note of your computer’s overall state of operations. You have to keep in mind that a PC is a universal machine that’s more often than not handling many other things in the background while your game is playing out on your screen. Ease the burden on your machine by checking to see what background processes are running before you play and closing them down whenever possible. Not only will it help your in-game performance but it will also benefit your computer’s overall health.

If you game on a desktop PC then you get a rather unique advantage that consoles and most laptops don’t get to enjoy: you get to cheaply upgrade the individual components of your machine instead of being forced to purchase an entire new computer. This might be a little intimidating at first if you’re not technically-savvy, but if you watch a few Youtube tutorials you’ll quickly see that manually swapping out PC parts is a surprisingly simple process in most cases. What’s more, websites like PCPartPicker will make sure that the parts you buy are actually compatible with the rest of your rig. Usually you’ll see the biggest performance boost from upgrading your graphics card, however if you can’t spare that kind of cash even a cheap memory upgrade can often help tons. And if you DO game on a laptop, you aren’t necessarily left out in the cold – while you have less options than with a desktop, most laptops mid-range and up still at least allow you to upgrade your system memory and hard drive (tip: replacing your hard drive with a newer solid state drive [SSD] will have an insanely massive impact on your load times).

My final recommendation would be to simply remember that video games have been around for several decades now, and there’s countless great older titles out there that you may have never gotten around to playing. Even a game only a few years old may be able to run more than comfortably on your hardware and provide hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Even better – most of the older games are sold at a steep discount!

So there you have it – if you configure things right, throw a memory upgrade in your machine, and consider starting with the classics, you could easily dip your toe in to the incredibly diverse and infinitely expanding PC gaming community.

Recent Overwatch Updates!

The Overwatch developement team has been generally transparent about what is happening with the game and future updates on the game. There are a lot of things the team would like to do as upgrades for the future to boost their ratings, the performance of the game but that does not mean that they will all happen. It takes time to come up with the upgrades and to also implement all of them. Below are some of the updates the team have provided for thee public so as to let them in on their progress. It is worth to keep note that none of this are guaranteed even though the game director Jeff Kaaplan and the whole Overwatch team are open about it.

People want more with the introduction of the Overwatch server browser and so the team has confirmed that the savings setting is being worked on.

Another update is that the assault maps are being improved. The assault maps together with their more frequent draws are being worked on actively by the whole team.

There is a presumption that Lucioball returns probably as part of the Arcade and this is because it is one of the most popular brawls that the team has made.

There is a feature that Jeff the game director had confirmed but it was never implemented and this is because they will probably need more time or it was not completed on time and this feature is the Sound toggle hotkeys. It is thought that maybe it was harder to implement than people thought and so all that is left to do is wait and see the progress.

There is also another upgrade that was confirmed to be happening but is better to be termed as under development since it obviously requires more voice acting work and it is Genji and D.Va ult-block voice-lines.

More upgrades on the way include lines for reacting to and destroying shield generators placed by enemy Symmetras. The upgrade itself can be termed as Symmetra shield generator voice lines but this too will take time since it requires that all the voice actors are back in the office.

There have been complaints from lower-level players about more experienced players creating a ‘smurf’ account by intentionally losing games and then going from low levels to high levels and this is not liked by the lower-level players. So, the development team looks forward to eliminating this by creating harsher punishment for players that intentionally lose games.

The development team is also looking for a way to come up with an in game way to track the top 500 players and where they rank compared to other players. This is thought to be able to create more interest in the game and to boost competition between the different players involved.

Though not much information has been given about on bug-fixing, anti-hack and anti-cheat as an upgrade, all that the team has let out is that it is happening. this is understandable because if they get into details there are possible risks of their plans being thwarted.

Here are some of our other Overwatch articles and related sources if you are keen to read up more:


Space is Hard, You Guys: A Look at Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is one of those games that, despite being out for several years now, I feel like it hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves. While its goofy characters and cartoonish aesthetic might lead you to believe the game is simple, the truth is it offers one of the steepest learning curves of any sandbox game I’ve ever played. Today I want to give a general overview of KSP, to explain what it is, what makes it special, and why it’s built up such a dedicated fan base.

At its most basic level, the premise of Kerbal Space Program is simple. You’re placed on the planet Kerbin, populated by small green creatures known as Kerbals (naturally), and tasked with helping them run a NASA-style aerospace program. This includes everything from designing your own rockets and spacecraft to tracking celestial objects to eventually heading out and exploring the final frontier. Even though the current iteration of KSP does offer a decently thorough career mode it’s still at its heart a sandbox game – you’re given an assortment of parts and the tools to use them and beyond that you’re given the freedom to invent your own solutions to the game’s many challenges.

And make no mistake, the game is definitely challenging. Even though your Kerbal pals look like low-budget cartoon characters KSP takes a surprisingly realistic approach to celestial mechanics. Planets, moons, and your own spacecraft all follow the Newtonian laws of gravity, which means if you want to actually get anywhere you’re going to need to learn how actual orbital physics work and design a spacecraft that can go from pad to orbit under realistic constraints. This is one game where looking up Youtube tutorials isn’t only fair – it’s downright expected. Don’t be surprised if the first few (or first dozen!) rockets you build crash and burn without reaching their mark – this trial-and error approach is the cornerstone of how the game works.

It’s also why the game is so ridiculously satisfying. When you do finally reach low orbit for the first time, or execute your first in-space rendezvous, or land on a celestial body for the first time, you’re going to be filled with a terrific sense of pride and accomplishment. Hitting those milestones is HARD, and being able to meet that challenge simply tastes sweet. What’s more, those milestones get progressively harder at a very gratifying rate, so you’re always left with the sense of a well-won victory.

The scale of the game is also expansive. Thanks to the magic of procedural generation the game map is quite seriously an entire solar system, complete with 7 planets and 8(?) moons. All of these bodies are completely explorable – if you can build a hardy enough spacecraft and figure out the orbital mechanics to get you there. Much like with real-world space exploration, you have lots of different options for surveying these worlds – you can choose to build unmanned craft to explore cheaply and safely, or you can pick a handful of brave Kerbanauts to pilot a manned vessel to strange new worlds. You can opt to do basic flybys, establish a stable orbit, or even land on the surface to examine the world in fine detail. There’s a large collection of different science experiments you can perform at these places, garnering science points with which to research new spacecraft parts. Or you can forego all of that and simply scour the solar system searching for the plethora of Easter eggs the developers left behind.

Each approach has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you’re encouraged to experiment and figure out on your own what works best. The fan forums are chock full of amazing spacecraft designs, from gigantic orbiting capital ships to incredibly minimalist single-seat vessels.

When you do finally get tired of the base game, Kerbal Space Program also has a huge and very active modding community. These mods offer all sorts of things from graphical enhancements, to new spacecraft parts, to even whole new gameplay mechanics. In short, you’re never really going to run out of things to do with this game.

Kerbal Space Program has been a dear favorite of mine ever since the studio released the beta as a crowdfunding measure. It’s grown and expanded steadily since those early days in to an incredibly rich and challenging sandbox experience. Even if you choose to ignore the career mode there’s still so much to do – literally an entire star system to explore. If you’re a fan of spaceflight, sandboxes, exploration, or just love a good challenge, then you definitely need to give Kerbal Space Program a look.

Fallout 4 – ”Crawl Out Through the Fallout”

”Crawl Out Through the Fallout” is the best way to describe the concept of this beautiful role-playing game masterpiece. With a lot of surprises, fantastic storyline, marvelous graphic performances, Fallout 4 offers the unique experience of surviving in the post-apocalyptic period. Like all previous versions, the player confronts hordes of evil and mutated creatures, as well as humans and robots. Certainly, the best thing is the storyline which follows player’s created character who starts searching for his long lost son. As always, the developer surprises its fans with adding huge improvements, and one of them is building your own settlement with your own settlers! Although this version of the game is a bit demanding when it comes to your system performance, it can be played on low-quality machines, but then be prepared not to see all of its visual beauty.

The game settles in fictional future of the United States which faced atomic war, with all its inhabitants closed underground in shelters called Vaults. As expected, all living creatures who were not hidden had faced the horrors of atomic mutations. Most of the “lucky” creatures are really enraged beasts who just need a player’s bullet to set them free of their misery. But on the other side, there’s good in this savage world. Mutated creatures who refused to follow their natural instinct of surviving as well as robots who didn’t obey orders of their creators (in game called ”Institute”) sooner or later come in contact with a player, offering their help with various possibilities. The most interesting thing about the storyline is that game has three possible endings which depend on player’s choices and his behavior while playing.

When it comes to characters, first of all, it’s important to say that it is completely made by the player’s choice, whether it is about character’s skills, weapons that player uses (players can modify and make his own weapon), clothes to wear, or the way the player will build and lead his settlement, and if all of this is not enough, character can be accompanied with a lot of interesting creatures and people who can be used, for example, as a defending force.

Building and organization of the settlements in the game are also completely based on the player’s will. There is a various possibility such as fortification, organizing settlement defense, satisfying settlers needs (building stores and giving electricity) as well as assembling trade routes which increase the settlement’s prosperity.

The game’s developer has given his best to present us a picture of possible world’s ending, by creating a post-apocalyptic surrounding, with visual effects that hypnotize a player, wanting to explore every corner of that the barren wasteland. With the reddish atmosphere and previously mentioned visual spectacle, all you have left is a sound of Bing Crosby’s hits including other singers of the past as well, which will follow you on your merciless surviving adventure throughout the whole game.

Visually, Fallout 4 is a masterpiece. As we mentioned before, they recently even visually remastered the game. You can really tell the amount of effort and hours that went into making this game look the way it looks, and it all pays off! When you’re in this game, you can feel the story, the characters, and to a certain extent even believe that you are a part of this apocalyptic wasteland. Fighting for your life and principles.

At the end, as a result of the developers work, Fallout 4 was awarded the title of ”Game of the year” during last year’s DICE awards. But, with or without awards this is surely a must-play game, satisfying the imagination of everyone who decides to embark on this breathtaking adventure.

4 Easy Overwatch Tips

Overwatch is one of the most popular first person shooter games to date. Millions and millions of people are in are of its style and sophistication, as well as its ever changing nature. It can be a confusing game to play, with all of its twists and turns and amazing amounts of heroes and gameplay options. While we all try to keep up with the constant barrage of updates and changes, some of us are losing sight of the basics. Here are a few tips and tricks to refocus your eyes back on the prize.


The point of the audio in Overwatch is to deliver information to the player. Remember that the sounds of your team members make in gameplay are not as prominent as those of your opponents. That means that when you hear something that is louder and more in the foreground, chances are it’s an enemy and not a teammate. Keep in mind also, that every character who walks on the ground has a different audio effect. Basically, every character sounds different. It is important to pay attention to this and not to dismiss it as silly. It is important to pay attention to the language that is being spoken as well. If you hear another language being spoken, chances are that is an enemy. So, keep your guard up and get ready.


All heroes in Overwatch are equipped with infinite ammunition, so you don’t have to waste your energy and time thinking about your ammo levels and trying to find more when you run out. Also, paying for ammo seems trite when it is such a focal point of the game. So, the next time you are trying to destroy a shield or take down a seemingly impenetrable enemy, just keep shooting. Shoot randomly and don’t even waste your time aiming sometimes. Your ultimate charge will build up more quickly that way than if you take your time and aim for just the right shot.


All you need to do is to figure out what the timing is of each character’s shot and you can then figure out how much time you need to deflect. After you play for a little while, it will be fairly simple to learn how long you have before you need to raise up that shield and deflect. And, in terms of ultimate abilities, you can actually gain the upper hand just by knowing when to deflect. You can take advantage of an enemy’s ultimate just by timing, which can be super useful in a number of tight and dizzying situations.


Even though this sounds silly and I am sure that most of you know it, don’t forget to use the melee attack. It is quick and dishes out plenty of sometimes unexpected damage to your opponent. It also can be more effective when you are very close to your enemy, rather than relying on and using your weapon as your only line of defense and attack. Basically, whenever you can, use the melee attack. It’s effective and unexpected and can make or break your gameplay in certain situations.

Those are just a few obvious but often overlooked tips and tricks in Overwatch. There are plenty more, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out this Overwatch tier list that was written by our friends at Boostards! It contains a bunch of useful information about your favourite heroes and also provides some insight into what the strongest picks in the current meta for Season 4 are. We’re sure that you will make full use of this information to gain the unfair advantage against your competitive opponents!

7 Video Games That Don’t Involve Violence

Video games tend to be focused around violence and gore- but if you look hard enough, there are some gems that cater to other genres. While they may be hard to find, they are worth the search. I have compiled a list of 7 worth mentioning, and have personally played a couple of them.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most popular non-violent games on this list, and for good reason. It keeps you busy, gets creative juices flowing, and passes time. The game involves building houses and exploring. The number of things you can build in Minecraft is basically limitless if you get creative. There are even some players who have built gigantic pieces of art in the limitless world. God knows how long it actually took for them to build a sculpture of Ironman out of tiny pixel pieces.

2. Child of Light

This is one of the games that I have played and found myself really enjoying! Child of Light is based on the life of Aurora, a 19th century Austrian girl. Aurora gets transported to a fantastical land where she has to go on quests to save the moon, sun, and stars from the Dark Queen. There are some battles in this game, but they are battles between Aurora and monsters that are found within the land, so they aren’t overly bloody.

3. Braid

Braid is a 2008 puzzle game. It’s unique partly due to its art style which makes it appear as if it is a moving painting. In the game, players must journey through different lands to save the princess. Users are also able to manipulate time within the game.

4. Stacking

Stacking is a game the has heavy Russian influence. The main part of the game includes live Russian stacking dolls, in which the players inhabits in order to complete over 100 challenging levels. Each stacking doll has its own special ability that can help players through the more frustrating levels.

5. Catherine

For romance lovers, Catherine is a great game to invest in. Catherine follows a male character named Vincent, who must choose between his girlfriend Katherine, and a woman who is also named Catherine that he woke up with one morning. Players have to be careful which decisions they make because some choices can lead to Vincent’s death. The storyline of Catherine is a nice change of pace from the usual, and the puzzle gameplay is actually pretty good, considering how much of the game is focused around the story.

6. Contrast

Contrast is based in the 1920’s and switches between two different worlds- a 3D fantasy world, and a 2D shadowy world. The game is based off the performance art world of vaudeville and includes touches of film noir.

7. Papo & Yo

Papo & Yo is an adventure game. The game has two main characters: Quico, and Monster. Monster is a beast with razor-sharp teeth, and a strong liking for poisonous frogs and Quico is his human best friend. The game is about utilizing Monster’s strange moods to complete the game’s levels and find Quico.

The above is a list that contains only a few of the interesting games that don’t involve assassins, guns, or war. It just takes a bit of patience and fishing around to find them, but for someone who doesn’t like fighting games, finding a few gems in other genres will be worth the effort. Another plus of non-violent games, is that despite being less popular, they’re often created to be played on multiple different platforms including hand held gaming devices like the Nintendo DS.

I hope you enjoyed this list, and try out some of these titles yourself! Happy gaming!

Identity of Next Overwatch Hero Leaks

Update: New hero Orisa was released!

Despite being released May last year, Overwatch has quickly gained ground to become one of the most popular video games in the market today. However, this is unsurprising when you consider its’ highly developed characters called heroes, and the fact that new game content is released every month. We’ve taken a liking to this game, as you can tell by our coverage of Overwatch updates in our previous posts.

The initial heroes of the game were 21 playable characters split up into offense, defense, tank and support roles and included; Genji, Soldier: 76, Reaper, Tracer, McCree, Pharah, Baston, Mei, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Junkrat, Torbjörn, Winston, Roadhog, D.Va, Zarya, Reinhardt, Mercy, Lucio, Symmetra and Zenyatta. However, it is well-known that more playable heroes will be added, amidst speculation that some might also be removed. In light of this, July 2016 saw the addition of Ana Amari who plays a support role. Sombra, an offense hero, was added four months later.

New Overwatch Hero?

Currently, the best bet on a new hero is Efi Oladele, a child prodigy, and robotics genius. An 11-year old from Numbani, Efi was given a robotic kit by her parents at an early age which cultivated her interest in artificial intelligence. This interest has seen her on the receiving end of a number of prestigious awards, including the highly-coveted Adawe Foundation grant. In a faux interview, Efi boasts of her skills and prowess and reveals an obsession with creating robots and drones to assist her with house chores. As expected, there are minimal details on her role or other abilities, or when she will become playable. However, it is safe to assume that considering her age she might be kept out of the active battlefield.


Word on the grapevine was that Doomfist would be the latest addition, however, Kaplan, one of the series directors, seems to have ruled him out in one of the game’s forums. Despite his popularity in Overwatch lore, Doomfist remains a mystery. What we do know is that Doomfist is not a single individual, but rather a title passed down among a series of equally mysterious individuals. Mezten described this character as a ‘generational hero’, akin to the legendary Green Lantern and the Flash. Three individuals have taken up the title of Doomfist identifying as the Savior, the Scourge, and the Successor respectively.

Athena and Liao

There are rumors that other characters, namely Athena and Liao, might soon get playable hero upgrades. Athena, a computer system, is the game’s narrator. She is a friend and valuable asset to Winston in Overwatch lore, as she keeps track of his health and assists him with his creations. Athena plays a crucial role in the series of events which initiates the game although, she almost gets infected by a virus uploaded by the Reaper. Athena would be an effortless addition to the playable characters of the game and is seemingly perfect for a support role given the role she plays in guiding Overwatch agents.

Liao is one of the most mysterious characters of the game. All that is known about him is that he was one of the founding members of Overwatch together with the Reaper, Soldier:76 and others.

Now that you’ve been “leaked” the next Overwatch hero releases, get back to claiming your Skill Rating in competitive! Our friends at Boostards actually made a nifty complete guide detailing all the changes that Overwatch’s competitive game mode underwent during their Season 2 update. You can read more about that over here!

5 Gaming Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind!

Hologram experiences that once were only possible in movies like Star Wars are no longer a fantasy. But what else does the gaming future hold? Today, I wanna talk about these futuristic gaming tech that might be available for us in the near future!


This technology provides the gaming world with one thing they need: MOTION. The cable robot system allows you to experience motion while having a virtual reality experience you’ve never had before.

The simulator can have one or two passengers and is held in the air by some cables. It then moves in many different directions with you in the center of it.

Add virtual reality glasses to this technology and you will be blown away! It can give you a realistic and breath-taking flight simulation, or put you in the middle of a car race.


This one is a support innovation created by Microsoft. With Hololens the possibilities are endless, everything from visiting the surface of Mars, seeing and modifying virtual objects around your house, to shooting aliens on your walls.

Hololens uses the technology of holograms in its most impactful way. This technology will not only change the gaming world but also the way we use computers.


This one will give you an incredibly immersive experience. It is a suit that allows you to feel things on your body according to what’s happening in the game, allowing you to feel nearby explosions, bullets passing right through you or even hitting you. For only about $300 this can be all yours, as soon as they are tested and released for public use, of course.


What once used to be impossible now is a revolutionary virtual reality world. Introducing — The Void. A virtual reality complete system created for you to be fully immersed in the gaming world. It is set in a physical environment combined with virtual elements, rain, dragons, earthquakes, spaceship adventures and more.

You will be using a special suit with a sensor that allows you to physically feel virtual elements such as rain, explosions, or snows. How awesome is that?


KOR-FX is basically a game vest that allows you to hear and sense what’s happening in the game as it were happening in your own room. It uses a 4d technology to give you an immersing gaming experience.It takes the audio coming from your game into an environmental and situational feedback that is synched to what’s happening on the screen.

“You can feel everything around you that’s happening, when you get shot you can feel the direction of where it’s coming from” says a Gaming Expo visitor.

New and excited experiences, gaming suits, hologram technologies, all of these new innovative gaming technologies promise to change the future of gaming and even how we use computers. Are you looking forward to the future? I know I sure am after reading about all this!

Fallout 4 Receives Graphics Overhaul

Wasteland wanderers will be getting a welcome surprise next week – Bethesda Studios has announced that their year old Fallout 4 will be receiving a fresh batch of high-definition textures for users playing the PC version. This graphics overhaul (arriving in the form of a free patch) will be very welcome in some circles – while many (including myself) consider the visuals of the post-apocalyptic RPG to be just as stunning as ever, there were several fans who lamented the fact that the quality didn’t hold a candle to other AAA’s released around the same time (Witcher III, for example). With the addition of this new texture pack (which clocks in at a whopping 58GB) that all may change.

It’s not all good news, however: In addition to the aforementioned storage requirements, you’ll want some relatively serious horsepower. Bethesda recommends PCs have at minimum an i7-5820K, 8GB of memory, and a GTX1080 (or equivalent). While this might exclude those of us with more budget conscious rigs, Bethesda assures us that we can try the updated textures and then easily disable them from the launcher if they don’t work out.

Console gamers are getting some love too – although they won’t be receiving the high resolution textures, players on the PS4 will be receiving a patch of their own around the same time that will buff the game’s native rendering resolution to 1440p as well as some other perks such as increased draw distance for in-game objects and enhanced godray effects.

Fallout 4 was released a little over a year ago on November 10, 2015. While receiving positive reviews from the general gaming community, some die-hard Fallout fans have often had misgivings over it. In addition to the graphics complaints mentioned above, players also criticized the comparatively linear story line and overly-streamlined dialog system, especially when compared to the franchise’s previous installment, Fallout: New Vegas. In some fan communities there have also been rumblings about allegedly sparse DLC (Nuka-World, released in August 2016, is confirmed to be the final expansion for the game). With the addition of the new high-resolution textures, Bethesda may be hoping to quell at least some of the fan’s complaints.

All in all, this looks like it will be a welcome refresh to the game. As a serial screenshooter, I’m looking forward to donning my favorite power armor (a souped up T-65e with Atom Cats paint, naturally) and revisiting some of the more photogenic areas of the Commonwealth.

I haven’t personally played this game, but I’ve watched some videos and walkthroughs of it, and I’d have to say it definitely looks like an enjoyable game. I actually finished watching the complete walkthrough of it, and I enjoyed myself just as much as if I were to play the game! Fallout4 is definitely a must-have for any RPG-FPS fan, if there’s even such a genre. If you’re unsure, you can watch some videos of the gameplay before committing to a purchase.


Overwatch Updates – 2017

Overwatch fans are in for a big surprise and perhaps the best treat so far in 2017 with the latest updates coming into effect to celebrate the year of the Rooster. Blizzard has been working on some items and special in game events marking the 20th birthday of Diablo. A selection of in game sprays representing various Diablo classes will be presented, also available will be a new player icon styled after the Lord of Terror.

There is also an on-going sale for Overwatch so if you haven’t already bought the game, now is a great chance for you to get it and start your journey to Overwatch addiction, very much like myself. You can check out prices and more info from Blizzard’s Playoverwatch site!

The openness of the overwatch team has been of great assistance in the gathering of all latest relevant news regarding updates and information on any key future happenings and events related to the game. As relayed by Blizzard’s Overwatch team, we are to expect one major update per month moving forward. However, we this is just an estimate and not a confirmation as most are used to with how Blizzard works. In this post I will list out the expected changes and updates that Blizzard has in store for Overwatch players, but please not that none of them are set in stone!

Expected Overwatch Updates in Early 2017

  • Assault map improvements
  • The return of Lucioball
    Possibility of the introduction of an 8v8 brawl alongside a 4v4 brawl. Lucioball would return perhaps in an arcade mode since it was such a popular game mode back when they launched it the first time.
  • Custom Game Tweaks. Confirmed custom changes will include:
    – Enabling all chat.
    – An option to turn off kicking for inactivity.
    – The options to change who is the moderator in lobby.
    – The ability to switch teams in lobby.
  • Symmetra shield generator voice lines
    Similar to her teleporter, Blizzard will be working on the introduction of lines for reacting to the creation and destruction of shield generators installed by enemy Symmetras.
  • Replay system
    Not expected to be released anytime soon, but Blizzard has given confirmation that a replay system is in the works by their internal team and we should expect to see this in 2017.
  • Map editor
    Similar to the replay system, this is also another one for the future.
  • New heroes
    Ana and Sombra are out but recent information update says heroes will not be released in batches we are yet which more heroes are up for contention for release. We are all looking forward in anticipation for the next heroes to be unvailed.
  • Anti-hack, Anti-cheat and bug fixing
    Little info or specifics were divulged regarding this matter but a lot of Blizzard’s resources are going into trying to find a viable and consistent solution for this. Hackers and cheaters are a huge problem in Overwatch and require a similar reaction before things start to get out of hand.
  • Social improvements
    Constantly being worked on and developed. Also in the works are improvements to the reporting functions in-game. As things are now, it is rather limited.

This limited time event is ending on the 13th of Feb, so if you haven’t already farmed all the legendary and epic skins, I definitely recommend that you take some time to grind them out! Some of them, especially the Mei one is super cute. If you don’t have the time to play the game yourself, you can get others to play it for you! Boostards, whom we have done an interview a couple of weeks back are offering Overwatch boosting services to those we are in need of help, or don’t have the time to play the game themselves.

Highly Anticipated Games of 2017

2017 may have only just begun but everyone is already on the edge of their seat in anticipation of some of these amazing titles that are on their way. Some games that we’ve been super excited about for years will finally be hitting the shelves while others are just being announced. Regardless, if you play Xbox One, Playstation4, Wii U, PC, or all of the above, you will want to know about some of the great upcoming titles. Here are just a few of some of the most anticipated games that will be released sometime this year.

Nioh / PS4 Exclusive

If you have ever envisioned being in 16th century Japan amidst fantastical demons all while being a samurai then you should look at PS4’s exclusive new title Nioh. This action RPG offers the opportunity to see Japan in a beautiful yet war-torn period and engages you with an intricate and rewarding combat system. There is even a unique co-op system built in for those samurais who may need a little help in fighting off some fierce demons. Nioh finally hits the stores on February the 7th.

Checkout this neat video featuring the gameplay of Nioh!

Halo Wars 2 / Xbox One Exclusive

Halo Wars 2 continues in the same vein as the previous title of the same name. It is a real-time strategy game designed for those mentalists who may want to play a more vivid game of chess. Build and lead powerful armies against other players or join up with allies to attack others. Whatever you prefer, this game provides the opportunity to be your own powerful general and to display those skills amongst others. HW2 will become available on February 21st.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild / Wii U / Switch

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes a slight depart from previous games and nearly does a 360 in returning to the game that started it all. This time Zelda provides an open world environment free for the gamer to explore at their leisure. There will be no intent geared storytelling in this title as the story and the pace of the story is solely up to the player. Considering their 30th anniversary was last year it made sense that the developers would want to come full circle with the legendary franchise. The newest installment in the Zelda series will be available on March 3rd.

For Honor / PS4 / Xbox One / PC

For Honor has been getting some buzz for some time for its MMORPG style. Although, it is an action game with intense melee combat it also provides a truly visceral online experience. Whether you are single player and experiencing the main story or have chosen to link up with a group of other players to fight in one army against another, you are promised a breathtaking realistic experience. Ironically, this intense war game will be available on February 14th.

The battle mechanics in For Honor are really unique and you just have to see it for yourself to understand how great of a game this will turn out to be. I’m really excited to play this game as you can tell!

Tekken 7 / PS4 / Xbox One / PC

Tekken 7 is setting new milestones for all fighting games with their new graphical might by their utilization of the Unreal Engine 4. All of the old fighters we know and love as well as new ones will be available with new moves and combos. Street Fighter’s Akuma is also available for all of the new epic battles. Tekken 7’s release date is not as close as the previous titles but is still worth waiting for on June 2nd.

These are just a few of the game titles everyone is looking forward to, so keep your eyes peeled or follow our blog to find out more about the big games that will be released this 2017!

CS:GO Remains Popular 5 Years After Release

The first person shooter genre is full of popular and engaging games. Game franchises such as Call of Duty or Halo have gone from being mere video games to pop culture icons, spawning their own lingo, merchandise, and memes. All while bringing tens of millions of dollars for their publishers. And as the big name games consistently steal the spotlight their remain a bevy of other compelling shooters out there that are perhaps equally deserving of notoriety.

Enter Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO can boast of accomplishments that few FPS games, or games of any genre, have attained. Released in 2012, CS:GO is still incredibly popular and features a rabid fan base of loyal players. Published by Valve Corporation, it is the fourth installment in the Counter Strike series that began 14 years ago.

CS:GO has stayed true to the gameplay it pioneered at its inception. In stark contrast to most multiplayer shooting games, it doesn’t take many bullets to kill or be killed. The hardcore element gives a simplicity to the game that makes it easy to jump into yet difficult to master. Game modes are fairly straight forward as well: you’re either a terrorist or a counter terrorist. Battles range across a variety of maps with objectives being anything from a standard deathmatch to a race to defuse or detonate an explosive device.

What keeps CS:GO relevant today despite being 5 years old is the community that has built up around it. The quick, exciting gameplay has a tendency to suck players in and keep you playing for long periods of time. It isn’t uncommon to encounter people who have dedicated over one thousand hours or more to the game.

This immense loyalty and popularity has led to CS:GO becoming a popular game in professional competitions. Many third party tournaments are held each year but Valve itself sponsors a ‘Majors’ event annually as well. Introduced in 2013, the first Major had a prize pool of $250,000. That amount has since been increased to an impressive $1 million in 2016. The competitions are as popular as most major sporting events, with live attendance in the tens of thousands while millions watch online via live stream.

CS:GO’s popularity shows no signs of diminishing. Dedicated updates and support by the developers continue to keep the game well balanced and fresh. A fifth installment of the series will no doubt be coming in the near future but for now, players can use services like CSGO Boosting which CSGO Academy provides, will continue to earn bragging rights from their friends as they blast digital foes into eternity.

Interview With a Elo Booster

It might please (or displease) you to know that the authors of PiracySim has managed to get in touch with some boosting companies to get permission to interview some of their boosters. For those who are unfamiliar, boosting services for games like League of Legends and Overwatch have taken off in the recent years. With the demand from gamers who want to achieve better rankings on the ladder, the boosting industry is thriving! This is may be a rather unpopular topic in the gaming community, but we think it’s an interesting topic that nobody has covered, and seeing things from their perspective can also be interesting. Today, we managed to get in touch with the boosters of LoL Academy and Overwatch boosting. These companies provide their boosting services for the games League of Legends and Overwatch, so without further ado, here’s the interview!

How many boosters do you estimate work for your sites?

LoL Academy: I’d estimate about 50-100 active boosters at any one given time. League of Legends is a pretty popular game, and more players mean more business.

Boostards: Probably less than 10. Overwatch is a relatively new game so…


How do you feel the community views “boosting”?

LoL Academy: I really don’t care what they think, as long as we’re selling and they’re buying. We’ll keep selling it. It doesn’t matter what people think. It’s just capitalism, nothing personal.

Boostards: Boosting is a very taboo topic in the gaming community for obvious reasons. Many people see it negatively, and rightly so, but we do this because there’s a demand for it. If nobody wanted to buy boosting, nobody would be selling it as a service. It’s like drugs and prostitution, consumers drive the market. I also think that there are 2 kinds of gamers, the kind with time and no money, and the kind with money but no time. If you play a game that you like, and there is something you cannot obtain in the game because of the lack of time, it would make sense to pay someone to do it for you.


Do you feel the boosting market will ever die?

LoL Academy: It probably will die at one point, we’re not sure when but nothing lasts forever.

Boostards: I don’t think it’s my place to say whether it will die or not. All that matters is I will keep having work to do while boosting is still going strong. Will it die? Maybe. Does it really matter to me? Nope. My life isn’t just about boosting, so I will move on to other things if boosting dies.


Do you agree with the statement “elo hell is real”?

LoL Academy: This is a really popular question that has sparked a lot of debate over the past years. I’d say it’s not true. After all, boosters don’t have problems when playing on customer accounts. It just goes to show huh? People create this idea of “elo hell” because they can’t climb out of whatever ranking bracket it is they are trying to get out of.

Boostards: I think I would agree with this to a certain extent. After all, Overwatch is a team game and even if you are slightly better than the average player in your rank, it would still be hard to carry if you have really bad luck. As a booster playing in the lower ranks, of course I wouldn’t have a problem, but the players who belong there, sure they would have trouble even if they are good and are supposed to go up in rank.


How much time do you spend on boosting every week?

LoL Academy: I’m not sure… Probably 8 hours a day? It’s pretty good money for a part-time job.

Boostards: I’m required to complete all orders on the site, so I don’t really track the amount of time I spend playing, I just play when there are boosting orders.


Thank you for your time and giving us a glace into your niche industry, any final words for our blog’s readers?

LoL Academy: I hope I get a pay raise for this. I don’t make nearly enough with boosting.

Boostards: Thank you for the interview. As for your readers, I hope you guys think of Boostards if you ever run into problems ranking up in Overwatch.


That’s it for the interview. We hope you enjoyed this. If you like the format and would like similar content, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email if you have something similar to contribute. Thank you for reading, and you can check out LoL Academy here, and Boostards here.

A Look at Ark: Survival Evolved


You awake on a beach, but uncertain of your surroundings or how you got there. You rise up and discover an implant on your arm. Confused and looking for anything resembling civilization, a pteranodon flies over your head. Shocked in awe, you follow it through the sky. As your eyes hit the horizon a Tyrannosaurus Rex comes into view in the distance. RUN! You can read more about this game on Steam.

Early Access Game

This is the world of Ark: Survival Evolved. Released as an early access game, Ark: Survival Evolved has quickly become one of the best early access Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games in the open world, survival genre. Since its release in June 2015, Studio Wildcard, Ark’s development team has expanded the game’s content by leaps and bounds. Its initial release was arguably on the level of many other finished games. No alpha game is without its bugs, but Studio Wildcard has addressed many issues over the course of the game’s development. The development team is one of the best as far as communicating with its base and resolving issues.

The Island

The game’s enormous map is a beautiful landscape. There are currently over 100 creatures, most are tameable, with more to come. Tame all them and build a dinosaur army! Have your most powerful pets mate to create the strongest spinosaurus.

You will become immersed in this mysterious world. Experience the island and its dangers on land, in the sky, and underwater. Caves with artifacts and loot will appeal to explorers in search of rare items. Summon and slay enormous beasts. Build a home, a fortress, or even a compound to protect you from the dangers of the wild animals, or other players.


Ark is both a PVP and PVE survival game. For PVP players, there is an array of weapons and explosives to raid and kill to your heart’s content. You can test your dinosaur army, loot and go to war with others for control of the island. Or battle it out in the free, Multiplayer Online Survival Arena (MOSA) version, Ark: Survival of the Fittest. Here, Wildcard gives you a taste of the base game in a “Hunger Games” style, battle royale. 72 players begin with nothing, only one will survive. The map is a section of the base game and closes in on the players as time expires. There are monthly rankings and competitions for money! So hone your skills and be the last man standing!

There are many features that will cater to PVE players as well. Some include the ability to cook, paint, explore, farm, tame dinosaurs, and build structures, with many more features to come. Since its start, roleplay (RP) communities have gathered around this game and have contributed to the game’s development. TwitchRP, to name one, has a large and loyal following. They are providing their own content and storylines in this open world atmosphere. The possibilities are endless in RP, and Ark accommodates for that where it can.

The Future of ARK

If Wildcard’s current progress a reflection of their future, great things are coming as Ark: Survival Evolved continues to develop. Along with the free to play Ark: Survival of the Fittest, there is a free, second map, “The Center” and a free total conversion, “Primitive +” available for download. If that’s not enough content for you, there is already a newly released expansion pack, Ark: Scorched Earth. They don’t stop there! The developers have limited time, special events during holidays to spice things up. This type of content for an early access game is above and beyond all others. This is definitely an alpha game that’s here to stay until its completion. With the constant release of content, it feels fresh every time you mount your dinosaur to roam the island.

Picking Your Game Console


Picking the appropriate video game is tougher than it is supposed to be. However, it isn’t a difficult task because Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are the only game players to pick from. So far, there are captivating reasons to pick out a video game that is the best in 2016. You may be asking yourself, what are game consoles? Which video game is appropriate for me? How will I tell which is appropriate for me? And what singles out each one? All answers depend on your decision, though every console comes with advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you’ll find some help with picking something suitable for yourself.

Exclusive Games

Many available games are cross-platform, indicating that they are obtainable for various consoles. Every system comes with exclusives, though there are at all times many multi-platform games than exclusives. When a video game emerge for several consoles, it’s normally only on the newest PlayStation and Xbox since those two systems come with similar features. Nintendo’s game consoles have pleasurable and exclusive features, but they are not very effective. This makes it difficult for game developers to design similar game versions. When choosing the games that you, your friends and family want to play, ensure the console you obtain supports many exclusive games.

Network Gaming

When you are playing a game, go for video game consoles that let you stream, upload or download a video snippet of most of your modern video games to the cloud. This is simply a great one-touch experience that makes multiplayer gaming full of fun and enjoyment. If you desire to play with family and friends, then I would recommend you to choose the PS4. Even though this may perhaps change in the coming years, currently online multiplayer usually works on the same platform only; if you choose to play with your friends and family, you will definitely have to buy a gaming console that is the same as theirs.

Multiplayer Gaming

All the modern game consoles support online multiplayer nowadays, though, you cannot play with a friend with a console that is different from yours, meaning that you are limited to play video games with people owning the same game console as yours. Moreover, there is another kind of multiplayer gaming known as local multiplayer, it used to be very popular but has declined nowadays. Most recent video games don’t support it, because a lot of processing power is required to display a game twice using one screen.


The modern consoles come with high quality gaming and the best graphics, but you are required to pay extra cash. If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, companies like Sony and Microsoft still offer their last-generation game consoles. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are each considerably cheaper than the modern ones especially if you purchase the used consoles. One of the great advantages of purchasing an old system is not about its price; it’s all about the game features. If your pocket doesn’t sound well, there’s also a cheaper option known as micro consoles. Many people play video games of one type or another using their phones, just for enjoyment purposes. Some, then again, love the exclusive take offered by the Google Play Store and desire to play the same game type in a larger screen. Micro consoles enables you play Android video games on larger screen.

Overwatch Heroes Retired?


Overwatch has become very popular among many online gamers. In fact, many players have gotten more experience with certain characters. All players have their own favorites in terms of the different playstyles and game mechanics these characters have. This game is incredibly varied and the assortment of great characters makes it a noteworthy game for all to look forward to.

However, there is a real potential for many Overwatch characters to become retired in the future. That is, some of these characters will be removed from the game.

This could be concerning to a variety of players, what with there being no telling just who might be removed. It is essentially going to prompt existing players to try and find some new characters to work with in the future. in addition, there are plenty of candidates that could be removed although there are a few that, according to Blizzard, are essentially safe and will not be at risk of being lost in some manner.

Blizzard made this announcement through Jeff Kaplan, the company’s game director. Kaplan states that there is a potential for the roster of players to need to be balanced. This could result in some characters being changed or modified in one way or another. This would certainly be an issue for many players who have become experts with any of these characters that might be removed from the game in general.

This is practically designed to ensure that there is a balance between all the characters. That is, one character is not necessarily going to dominate the entire competitive scene after all aspects are considered carefully. This could actually be great for Overwatch players as it ensures that there is a better sense of diversity and game balance among the many players that are in the game.

It should be noted that Kaplan also mentioned that no game heroes are going to be retired. This is important as many of these heroes make up a good bulk of the game’s action and are critical to how the game is run. Changes and modifications may take place, but the current heroes are here and are good to stay.

Of course, there will certainly be plenty of new characters and maps and other features to be added into the game as time goes along. These new features should make it easier for the game to be balanced out. In fact, it could make it to where no characters are going to be removed over time. This is an interesting aspect of the game that Blizzard is clearly trying to work with.

The game will also require plenty of teamwork over time. This includes work within a variety of levels that will entail trying to control different items and with getting access to a variety of spaces. This is just one key part of what makes Overwatch such an appealing game for all players to look forward to.

Still, people should be aware of what is happening with Overwatch in terms of how it is being developed. Despite the “confirmation” from Kaplan, much remains to be seen about the future of the current roster of Overwatch heroes.

Blizzard’s Genius Idea: The Overwatch League

As most of you would have probably noticed over the past week. Game developer, Blizzard Games, has come up with a brand new competitive eSport League called the Overwatch League. If you’re following the eSport scene, you would have also noticed how similar the format this league has with League of Legend’s LCS, LoL Championship League. This is a great move by Blizzard in an attempt to create more hype and exposure to their relatively new game, Overwatch.

Following in Riot’s Footsteps

Riot Games has been wildly successfully in running their flagship title, League of Legends. They manage their Championship Series globally and it brings a huge amount of viewership and awareness online from platforms like Twitch.tv and Hitbox. Mostly streaming platforms, and of course from players who are hoping to enter the Championship Series. This is really good for the eSport sub-industry which includes services like player management, and League of Legends coaching and boosting.

The championship series in itself runs in multiple regions and countries, and spans over months of rounds and matches. The winners of each individual League will then represent their respective regions and compete in the prestigious League of Legends World Championship, sporting a prize pool of more than USD $2,000,000. This is a huge event that takes place every single year. 2 teams from every region compete against each other in the round robin format. Leading up to the grand finals, where one team bags the first prize of usually more than USD $1,000,000.

It’s not a surprise to see that Blizzard is trying to do the same thing, or at least something very similar to what Riot Games are doing.

The Overwatch League

As shown on the official Overwatch League site, we can see there are a number of different phases. First the pre-season where they hand pick skilled and talented players from the pool in the ranked ladder. eSport organizations will then have their pick on all of these players, have time to sign them into their teams. Then we move to the “Inaugural Season” where league action is streamed live every week, showcasing the best teams playing against each other. Moving on from this, we have the World Championship Run, where the top teams compete against each other for the Championship title and chance to bring pride to their respective regions. The final phase of this is the “League expansion”, where Blizzard doesn’t really elaborate on. I’m sure we will find out more about this in the future, but now things are still rather vague.

Check out the promotion video they did for the Overwatch League –

Not a lot of information in it, it probably qualifies as a “hype video” more than anything else, but it’s really interesting to see the steps that Blizzard is taking in order to make their game a more competitive and catered to both the casual and competitive player.

Where does Blizzard go from here?

As the Overwatch League is still very new. The results of this little “experiment” are unsure. Will it bring more players to the game? Probably. Will it make a big difference? We’re not sure. Even looking back to how things were during the Overwatch World Cup, which we did an article on and you can read it here. Things still look very uncertain, even though we can tell that the direction Blizzard seems to be going in is positive.

What we can be sure of is that players wanting to compete in the League will drive many new services, and organizations looking to cash in on this new and exciting area of eSports. There are a number of things Blizzard can do better to attract more players and make this a better move for them overall.

For example, giving players base salaries and more attractive prize pools in the League, or similar to what Riot does, link everything and focus on the main yearly Championship event. Which increases the prestige and makes the League all the more harder to ignore for businesses, sponsors and players alike.


The Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch has quickly become one of the world’s hottest multiplayer video games. The strong teamwork aspect of the game and the variety of maps and playable characters has made it to where there are many ways for players to win big in this game.

In fact, it has especially made its way in the world of electronic sports. The Overwatch World Cup is one particular event that shows that this game has truly arrived.

The World Cup features teams from fifty different countries from all corners of the world. The players were voted upon by fans of the game with the team captains of each country choosing two additional players each.

Many of the players who have been chosen are among the world’s top competitors in the world of Overwatch. These include players who have racked plenty of experience with many individual fighters in the game and know all of its ins and outs. They also know many of the strategies associated with playing the game to where they can get top ranks.

The Overwatch community was especially instrumental to figuring out the people who will compete in the tournament. More than three million votes were tallied to determine who the competitors in this event will be. This was all to ensure that the playing field features not only the top players in the world but also a few of the more popular favorites all around.

Some of the people who are playing in the Overwatch World Cup were instead voted for based on their general popularity. In particular, a prominent YouTube star in Brazil will be the captain for that country’s team. This is in spite of that player not having any tournament experience and only having a mediocre rank on the game.

A single-elimination qualifier will be used in each playing region. This will entail sixteen teams that will qualify for the main event. This event will take place at the BlizzCon in Anaheim. Six teams will also automatically qualify based on their performances in the tournament.

Specifically, there will be six teams from the European region, six from the Asia-Pacific region and four from the Americas. This will provide the tournament with an extensive variety of great players from many parts of the world, thus resulting in a thrilling and entertaining event for all to watch.

The event will bring out players from many parts of the world that have been especially popular in terms of their many Overwatch players. These include players from countries like the United States, Sweden, South Korea, China, Germany and Canada to name a few. The competition will certainly be thrilling as it brings out players from so many places.

The Overwatch World Cup is a big evolution in this popular online game. The competition will bring out the best players in the world for a unique experience that will determine which country has the best heroes in the world! This will especially show the world how big and exciting of a game Overwatch truly is.

The World Cup is currently on-going and we can expect to see the winners (and losers), by the end of the coming week. All the best to all participating teams and countries, we can’t watch to watch the grand final matches!

Ps. We’re still waiting for Sombra…