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Who are Quadro Delta?

Quadro Delta is a two man team comprised of Vitali Kirpu, the Developer and brains behind Pixel Piracy, and Alexander Poysky, the game’s Producer. Our HQ is located in the TURKU FINLAND.

Of course, the team wouldn’t be complete without Luna (Vitali’s Ragdoll Cat) and Napoloen (Alexander’s Mini-Schnauzzer), between the four, they comprise Quadro Delta.

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ANNOUNCMENT- We are now working alongside Re-Logic, the creators of Terraria!!

1 month ago 10 1,052 17370

You’ve read correctly! Pixel Piracy is now being published by Re-Logic, of Terraria fame! It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve kept it under wraps for a month now, but it’s finally time to let the world know about our collaboration together! Working with them is amazing, they are

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Big Announcment soon (10-15 days)

2 months ago 10 2,262 34402

Hello there everyone!   It’s been a wild couple of weeks, with Vitali patching away like a madman. It got to the point where he released three content patches in 24 hours! As such, he took a short (and much deserved) vacation, and will be back in around 6 days.

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Pixel Piracy HUGE giveaway!

2 months ago 35 1,917 45055 In honor of our new official Wiki, we gave them over 100 keys to hand out! The link is above!