The game puts players in control of a pirate captain. The game does not have any set goals for the player, and players are free to adventure in the game as they wish.

After customizing difficulty settings, the player's captain spawns on an island where the player can build their own ship using a set of blocks and travel the island hiring a crew for the ship. While traveling, the player must sate the crew's hunger and deal with equipment requirements.

Player can plunder and capture enemy ships and can raid wild islands for the loot! The captain can be killed by starvation or enemy pirates, or at high levels even by cats and chickens. The game has permadeath, so when the player's captain dies in the game the captain does not respawn.

  • Multiple Difficulty Levels
  • Ship Building
  • Old School RPG, manage your pirate care
  • Unique Skill System
  • Destructible Environment
  • Ship Plundering and Capturing
  • Different Islands: Tropical or even Snow Islands
  • Pet System
  • Different Enemy Factions

There is plenty of ways to get into Pixel Piracy community! You can join our Pixel Piracy specific forum or you can follow us on twitter. On our forums you can meet up with the fellow players to discuss the game and share your ship creations.

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