4 Easy Overwatch Tips

Overwatch is one of the most popular first person shooter games to date. Millions and millions of people are in are of its style and sophistication, as well as its ever changing nature. It can be a confusing game to play, with all of its twists and turns and amazing amounts of heroes and gameplay options. While we all try to keep up with the constant barrage of updates and changes, some of us are losing sight of the basics. Here are a few tips and tricks to refocus your eyes back on the prize.


The point of the audio in Overwatch is to deliver information to the player. Remember that the sounds of your team members make in gameplay are not as prominent as those of your opponents. That means that when you hear something that is louder and more in the foreground, chances are it’s an enemy and not a teammate. Keep in mind also, that every character who walks on the ground has a different audio effect. Basically, every character sounds different. It is important to pay attention to this and not to dismiss it as silly. It is important to pay attention to the language that is being spoken as well. If you hear another language being spoken, chances are that is an enemy. So, keep your guard up and get ready.


All heroes in Overwatch are equipped with infinite ammunition, so you don’t have to waste your energy and time thinking about your ammo levels and trying to find more when you run out. Also, paying for ammo seems trite when it is such a focal point of the game. So, the next time you are trying to destroy a shield or take down a seemingly impenetrable enemy, just keep shooting. Shoot randomly and don’t even waste your time aiming sometimes. Your ultimate charge will build up more quickly that way than if you take your time and aim for just the right shot.


All you need to do is to figure out what the timing is of each character’s shot and you can then figure out how much time you need to deflect. After you play for a little while, it will be fairly simple to learn how long you have before you need to raise up that shield and deflect. And, in terms of ultimate abilities, you can actually gain the upper hand just by knowing when to deflect. You can take advantage of an enemy’s ultimate just by timing, which can be super useful in a number of tight and dizzying situations.


Even though this sounds silly and I am sure that most of you know it, don’t forget to use the melee attack. It is quick and dishes out plenty of sometimes unexpected damage to your opponent. It also can be more effective when you are very close to your enemy, rather than relying on and using your weapon as your only line of defense and attack. Basically, whenever you can, use the melee attack. It’s effective and unexpected and can make or break your gameplay in certain situations.

Those are just a few obvious but often overlooked tips and tricks in Overwatch. There are plenty more, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out this Overwatch tier list that was written by our friends at Boostards! It contains a bunch of useful information about your favourite heroes and also provides some insight into what the strongest picks in the current meta for Season 4 are. We’re sure that you will make full use of this information to gain the unfair advantage against your competitive opponents!

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