5 Things Game Developers Wish Gamers Knew

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to develop your own video game? Have you spent countless hours binge-watching documentaries trying to picture what goes through a game developer’s mind? Well, this time we’ve managed to get in touch with some of our game developer contacts to ask them what they think. Here are some confessions from professional game developers on what they wish gamers knew about their job.

1. We love gaming just as much as you do!

Nobody will ever force you to develop video games, only intense passion for gaming will get you this far. You have to love gaming culture and all it’s quirks; everything from cosplay to the multitude of sleepless nights. You have to dream, eat and live video games for you to even survive.

2. We know that the game has bugs in it

Game developers aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and sometimes we can’t fix everything. Most of us try to only ship games that have been debugged but in the end we can’t find every single bug. Maybe one day we’ll have a video game that is perfect but until then please keep bombarding our social media with your hilarious complaints.

3. We’re not greedy

There’s a common stereotype that all game development studios are greedy, all they do is churn out mediocre titles and overcharge gamers. The sad truth is that other than AAA studios most indie developers work for free and are only in this industry because they want you to have a wide variety of titles to chose from.

4. No video game has ever shipped on time

Writing over a million lines of code isn’t for the faint hearted. Moreover completing a project of such multitude without missing a deadline is even more badass. Don’t take it personally if we take a few extra months to finish a video game, it’s a lot of hard work.

5. High quality games cost a lot to build

Everything from high definition graphics to engaging gameplay will come a hefty budget if one wants to develop a great game. This is the real reason why games are getting more expensive and it is the reason why new technology such as Virtual Reality will take a while before it becomes mainstream.

[BONUS!] 6.You can make better games than we ever could

Don’t sit all day complaining about another man’s title, get up and make your own. Bring that frustration into the industry and maybe you’ll become the messiah of gaming. Bring in all that creativity that you’re burdened with and compete with us. We want to play your awesome game just as much as you want to play our titles.

There you have it, confessions from real-life professional developers. We hope we’ve satisfied some of your curiosity with this article, but if you have any other questions you have for our dev friends, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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