Another Overwatch Patch Update

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Blizzard recently announced Overwatch updates for testing on the PTR. The Public Test Region is PC only, however, the changes which are working have been made available on PS4 and XBOX when they are live in the major game.

The update creates various changes to Reaper, Mercy, Symmetra and the Roadhog. Mercy’s Ultimate cost has been lowered by 15 percent and her healing in each second is boosted from fifty to sixty, rendering her a more crucial healer. The spread design of Reaper’s shotguns has been changed to be more consistent and the health amount he derives from Reaping has been boosted, that improves the offensive capability in the head-on battles. Symmettra’s basic fire beam is charged twenty percent faster, this raises her damage ability significantly.

Roadhog has the most changes in this new update. His Chain Hook begins cooling down when in use and minimizes the victim’s speed. The spread design on his Scrap Gun has been altered hence his primary, as well as secondary fire, provide more damage. Whole Hog’s knockback velocity has been improved making Roadhog send his enemies flying. Generally, Roadhog can now consistently trap the other players, impart enormous damage and clear them away so he can repeat it again.

You can find the complete patch notes for PTR update on Blizzard’s website. I have outlined the main points below.

General updates


-A choice of using Windows Spatial audio is currently available. You can find this feature in Windows Start Menu below the Control Panel-Sound and Hardware-Sound-Speaker Gadget-Spatial Sound.

Hero updates


1.Scrap Gun

-Spread randomization minimized by 50 percent.

-Spread pattern altered for secondary and primary fire.

2.Whole Hog

-Horizontal recoil reduced slightly.

-Knockback optimum velocity improved by 25 percent to ten meters every second.

3.Chain Hook

-Reduced the delay prior pulling the hooked target to 0.3 seconds from 0.5 seconds.

-The targets momentum has been greatly reduced when hooked.

-Cool down commences spontaneously, rather than after the enemy has been drawn.


-The Hellfire Shotguns have the spread randomization minimized by fifty percent.

-In reaping, life steal improved to 30 percent from 20 percent of damage delivered.


-The ultimate cost was minimized by fifteen percent.

-The healing in each second rose from 50 to 60.

Bug Fixes


-Solves the issue which prompted the Mei bots to try landing head shots on the Wrecking Ball when immune to them in the Roll mode.

-Solved the issue which prompted the bots to be stuck close to Point A.

Hero gallery


-Fixed the bug which prompted some heroes’ legs to twitch when seen in the Gallery.

-Fixed the issue which prevented players against rotating in the Hero Gallery when the UI is hidden.


-Solve the issue which permitted the player to hear the heroes’ voice lines commanded by muted players.

-Custom games as well as Game Browser.


-Solved the bug preventing payload from the haling enemies in case they were destroyed during pushing it on Escort maps.

-Solved the lighting problem which prompted the skyscraper in the skyline of Hollywood to look dark.

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