Apex Legends, Another Shot at Battle Royale

On February 4th, 2019 Apex Legends was released to the world. A game that was instantly accepted by the battle royale community, with no prior advertising on the game! The best way to explain Apex Legends: if a very talented game designer evaluated all of the pros and cons from Fortnite, Call of Duty Battle Royale mode, Player Unknown Battlegrounds and have a history of previously playing Halo games, then take all of his or her research to create a game. After one week of being open to the public, Apex Legends was able to proudly announce that they already had over 25 Million players! Very impressive. Apex Legends takes an exciting spin on battle royale mode, players can select from different characters who all offer different qualities(previously seen in COD battle royale). This allows players to test out different characters and see which one suits their playing style best. Another exciting factor to this game was the introduction of the “ping” option where you can tell teammates where the enemy is or where specific weapons are located. This was a nice addition to battle royale, allowing players to communicate without having to speak through the mic.

After a few weeks of playing Apex Legends(as an average or possibly below average skill level), a few things become clear to me. First of all, Apex Legends is just another battle royale game. Updates will attempt to keep your interest, but as the above average and pro gamers begin to grow more and more talented the chances of you being alive at the end of the round becomes slim to none. Unfortunately for Apex, it is likely that another battle royale mode will come around and interest your average gamer, pulling them away from Apex. My money is on the highly anticipated battle royale mode for Battlefield V coming out later this month to put a large dent into the total gamers playing Apex.

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The point here is that with the battle royale community, the mind set is “what is hot now?” I do not see there being a battle royale game that is released that steals the battle royale community away for good. Updates can keep gamers engaged long enough until the next take on battle royale is released. BUT, while Apex legends is in the spotlight, it is worth taking your shot on the playing field at getting a victory.

In summary I have pros and cons for the now “Hot” Apex Legends:


-Interesting new take on battle royale

-Exciting classes to learn to play with

-When you are eliminated by opponents, you have a chance to still be saved by taking you dog tag to a designated location to bring you back to life, but with no armor or guns

-Game is relatively new and you still have a chance to get a win without being “pro.” (for now)

-Updates are coming soon to give recent starters a chance to get a leg up on gamers who have been playing since day 1

-The game is fun to play with or without your friends


-Graphics are nothing to write home about

-You will die… A LOT

-If you are not into Titan Fall/Halo style games where it can take a full clip to take out your enemy, this game will not be for you

-It will take time to fully grasp this game and what it has to offer

-A new game will come around and take away the excitement around this game sooner, rather than later

Good luck and happy gaming!

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