Aphelios, the most complex champion in League of Legends

League of Legends brings a new champion who offers a range of skills that are difficult for even the most seasoned gamer to understand. The new fighter’s name is Aphelios, who plays an ADC role and he’s probably the most difficult champion to use in the entire game. That’s why we’ve brought you a little guide to understanding how Aphelios works and his skill kit.

The first thing you need to understand about Aphelios is that he is a champion who uses different weapons and each one has its own ammunition. In total, he has five weapons and each one has 50 shots. However, of the five, only two will be active for use at the player’s discretion.

Aphelios will operate on a rotation system. He will start with two weapons (the primary and the secondary) which he can exchange according to the situation when using the W. When either one runs out of ammunition, it will go into reuse time. It will then become inactive. In the meantime, one of the three guns that were idle will take its place. Therefore, Aphelios will be able to use all of the weapons as he expends the ammunition and progresses through the game.

Imagine that Aphelios shoots with one weapon in his right hand, while he has another in his left hand that is ready to be used as interact with other abilities. The other three are lining up to relieve someone who runs out of ammunition. When this happens, the one who is reloading is at the end of the line.

Each weapon has effects linked to the basic attacks, as well as when using the Q. The R is a lunar bomb that explodes with the first enemy it meets and hurts those nearby. The latter generates additional effects depending on the active weapon. Aphelios has no skill with the E.

We will now review the effects of each weapon:

Weapon 1 – Calibrum

It’s possible this rifle has a similar or close range to Caitlyn’s. It will then serve to harass the enemy and fire from a safe distance.

Weapon 2 – Severum

Severum ensures the survival of Aphelios by granting lifesteal with every attack. Some resistance doesn’t hurt a champion who’s usually fragile.

Weapon 3 – Gravitum

This cannon will be able to secure the hunt for certain targets. It will also help to escape and reposition itself due to the great difference in speed of movement it will generate.

Weapon 4 – Infernum

In theory, this weapon will inflict a lot of damage in an area that should not only be used to clear waves of minions, but also to hit several enemies in a team fight.

Weapon 5 – Crescendum

No doubt this option will serve to kite (run from the enemy while shooting) and be able to deal with enemies hand-to-hand. Its speed according to proximity will make Aphelios a very elusive target when you have this weapon active.

The Aphelio’s Skill Set is a true revolution in LoL. With 5 weapons and 6 skills so far, successfully handling champions like Yasuo, Azir, and Riven was within the reach of only the most skilled players.

The gameplay of these and other complex champions requires an in-depth understanding of both their particular skills and mechanics, as well as how the game works. As we can see, Aphelios goes even further.

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