How to Properly Play Support

dota 2 boost

A lot of people don’t give supports the credit they deserve and often times they can be the unsung heroes of games because they provide all the important pieces to the game besides getting all the kills. First the most important thing in a game like DotA 2 is map…

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Winter is Coming!

Overwatch will be starting off the annual “Winter Wonderland” event this week, and it will last through the month into January. A teaser clip showed the dates from 11th December to 2nd January. The video also revealed a part of the Blizzard World map done with holiday decorations. The previous…

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The Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch has quickly become one of the world’s hottest multiplayer video games. The strong teamwork aspect of the game and the variety of maps and playable characters has made it to where there are many ways for players to win big in this game. In fact, it has especially made…

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