Fallout 4 – ”Crawl Out Through the Fallout”

”Crawl Out Through the Fallout” is the best way to describe the concept of this beautiful role-playing game masterpiece. With a lot of surprises, fantastic storyline, marvelous graphic performances, Fallout 4 offers the unique experience of surviving in the post-apocalyptic period. Like all previous versions, the player confronts hordes of evil and mutated creatures, as well as humans and robots. Certainly, the best thing is the storyline which follows player’s created character who starts searching for his long lost son. As always, the developer surprises its fans with adding huge improvements, and one of them is building your own settlement with your own settlers! Although this version of the game is a bit demanding when it comes to your system performance, it can be played on low-quality machines, but then be prepared not to see all of its visual beauty.

The game settles in fictional future of the United States which faced atomic war, with all its inhabitants closed underground in shelters called Vaults. As expected, all living creatures who were not hidden had faced the horrors of atomic mutations. Most of the “lucky” creatures are really enraged beasts who just need a player’s bullet to set them free of their misery. But on the other side, there’s good in this savage world. Mutated creatures who refused to follow their natural instinct of surviving as well as robots who didn’t obey orders of their creators (in game called ”Institute”) sooner or later come in contact with a player, offering their help with various possibilities. The most interesting thing about the storyline is that game has three possible endings which depend on player’s choices and his behavior while playing.

When it comes to characters, first of all, it’s important to say that it is completely made by the player’s choice, whether it is about character’s skills, weapons that player uses (players can modify and make his own weapon), clothes to wear, or the way the player will build and lead his settlement, and if all of this is not enough, character can be accompanied with a lot of interesting creatures and people who can be used, for example, as a defending force.

Building and organization of the settlements in the game are also completely based on the player’s will. There is a various possibility such as fortification, organizing settlement defense, satisfying settlers needs (building stores and giving electricity) as well as assembling trade routes which increase the settlement’s prosperity.

The game’s developer has given his best to present us a picture of possible world’s ending, by creating a post-apocalyptic surrounding, with visual effects that hypnotize a player, wanting to explore every corner of that the barren wasteland. With the reddish atmosphere and previously mentioned visual spectacle, all you have left is a sound of Bing Crosby’s hits including other singers of the past as well, which will follow you on your merciless surviving adventure throughout the whole game.

Visually, Fallout 4 is a masterpiece. As we mentioned before, they recently even visually remastered the game. You can really tell the amount of effort and hours that went into making this game look the way it looks, and it all pays off! When you’re in this game, you can feel the story, the characters, and to a certain extent even believe that you are a part of this apocalyptic wasteland. Fighting for your life and principles.

At the end, as a result of the developers work, Fallout 4 was awarded the title of ”Game of the year” during last year’s DICE awards. But, with or without awards this is surely a must-play game, satisfying the imagination of everyone who decides to embark on this breathtaking adventure.

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