Far Cry 5: Finding Eden

The Far cry franchise has been setting goals for the free world FPS genre of the game for long. Mixing the blend between RPG and FPS perfectly with a meticulously crafted game story and intense graphics, the game blows you away.

Being a fan of the series and having been completely blown away by Far Cry 4 I was quite surprised that Ubisoft will be able to trump that. But they have raised the bar higher with Far Cry 5. Even though I found the storyline for the fourth part more engaging, how Far Cry 5 is structured makes up for the storyline. With more emphasis on freedom and giving more control to the player on how to structure the storyline they have really refined the series further. The plot is similar to most of the games in the series, slowly building up a resistance against a huge army and engaging in guerrilla warfare and using the terrain to your advantage.

The option to explore and find your own path is more, with a little nudge from the game in which direction you want to take, it leaves you with a plethora of options so much so that it might be crippling but that is a nice problem to have. With nothing of importance marked on the map, you have to play with close scrutiny of your understanding and upon stumbling on an important part of the area it shall be saved on your map. Talking to civilians and following the storyline carefully really helps in figuring out the game and advancing further. All of this helps to make the story progression much more organic and you really feel like you’re exploring the world and discovering things on your own. This was one part which I felt really made the game much more refined than the previous parts of the series.

There has been a lot of detailing that has been done in creating the world around you and the creators really want you to take in all the beauties that they have incorporated into the game, hence the absence of a mini-map was a welcome change as that helped to take in the full glory of your environment and concentrate more on the surroundings which is really required as there is no marking to help you to find your way.

The basic structure remains the same, you are free to select your own ways to get involved in conflicts and how to join them, you have the freedom to either be discreet and take down your enemies without them even realizing or making it seem like an accident by getting some animals to do your dirty work or going in all guns blazing. All of this really gels well with the added freedom that the creators have provided. The added Guns for hire options really gives you a plethora of options on how you want to tackle each mission as it gives you the ability to include stealth or cover fire into your arsenal. These complement the way you want to operate and really end up being a big part of the game.

Far Cry 5 is all about the different aspects they have provided within the game and how you use all of them to carve out a different game for yourself. The freedom provided actually makes the game unique for the different styles of play and really left me spell bounded on how much the boundaries can be pushed for video games still.

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