With FIFA 19, Electronic Arts have finally solidified their position as the number one soccer gaming franchise. Different from older versions which have hooked gamers from all around the world, this installment has been heavily tweaked. With lots of changes which give you a seamless gaming experience.

FIFA has been a very cool couch multiplayer game. But if you are looking for a much more exhilarating soccer experience you are at the right address with FIFA 19. The most advanced installment in this FIFA trilogy. Which has managed to cultivate a cult-like following in the gaming world. In terms of gameplay there has not been a monumental shift from the older versions, but the things that have changed, are all cool! This has made the gameplay more unpredictable. It is like walking through the darkness in the midst of a jungle. You have no idea what to expect.

Do you remember how in old FIFAs you always felt as if there are some kind of rails on the turf, something which pulled you back? No matter how you tried pushing the pedal there was something not aligning. Like a chink in the lining. Thus, passes did not follow certain patterns and you knew exactly which shots were going in and which ones were not? Well, I do not want to say that this has completely changed, but you are controlling matches more yourself and things are being reduced by an invisible Hand of God. This is due to subtle changes that have had a defining impact on the game. Making it livelier and more enjoyable. All in all, the game is more balanced. This is because FIFA has to appeal to both professional gamers and those who want to have a good time.

Of course, there is more. The end of the Alex Hunter trilogy in the Journey, where the writers really went all-out and weaved a tale from the heavens. The magical tune of the Champions League that makes its appearance just and unadulterated. I mean it’s pure and it sounds so epic. (well Electronic Arts also paid lots of bucks for it of course). Even Ultimate Team, the ultimate form of dollar printing where EA would prefer not to feel too much changed by the new design of the Divisions (now called Rivals) different. Fresh. It is a pity that the Career Mode is still exactly the same, not much has changed.

Now that I am talking about lesser things: attacking is way much easier than defending. Certainly, the new 50/50’s help, but too often results in the end in 6-4 or 8-1 because attackers are way too overpowered. Also, cunt: cheap penalties. I had three games in a row, of which one in the last minute of an exciting 0-0. So frustrating. And do not come up with, ‘learn to defend’, because in FIFA 18 it never happened and I know very well whether I play the ball or the man. The VAR could be a welcome addition, but unfortunately, it is not (yet) available this year.

Be that as it may, FIFA 19 is brilliantly total, natural and yet extraordinary. New. Indeed, regardless I have the feeling that you can trick less than in PES. But if you want to experience the most want to experience the most complete soccer game this year, you need to take a gamble on FIFA. It will charm you with its sheer elegance and class. FIFA 19, a movement for the masses.

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