Grand Theft Auto 5 Review Introduction

One of the many phenomenal “Grand Theft Auto” games in the line Rockstar has managed to create! With so many fantastic reviews about it and how it has managed to keep out with 2019, let’s take an honest deep look into what this game really is.


There isn’t a main character/protagonist in Grand Theft Auto, instead, you follow 3 main characters.

1) Michael De Santa, a dishonest dad, just hoping to reunite his family after what he had put them through.

2) Frankly Clinton, a hard worker introduced to the world of crime throughout the various missions.

FunFact: The actor who played Frankly Clinton is related by blood, in real life to Carl Johnson, which is the main character on another well known GTA game, San Andreas.

3) Trevor Philips, an unruly character who doesn’t think twice about his decisions. Introduced later in the game.

Overall, I love the characters, it feels like everyone has a part of each of these characters in them, someone who doesn’t care about their actions, someone trying to piece back what they’ve broken, and someone who gets brought up in the wrong way.

Throughout the game, you get slowly and personally emotionally attached to each character, an example would be how Michael starts off with an endless amount of trouble while speaking to his therapist about it, while nearing the end off the game (MAJOR SPOILERS) the game ends off with his family feud being mostly settled and he finally gets back to his wealthy honest life, he always wanted since the start. (END OF SPOILERS)

Regardless, I love each particular character, they each offer a unique trait to this genre of a game, while still keeping it remarkably exciting every time you play it.


All the missions were exceptionally exceeding of my expectations one by one, they offered different scenarios and objects to play around with while keeping its core value of a Grand Theft Auto game.

I deeply appreciate the smaller detailed missions such as Minisub, where you are enabled to steal a submarine, or Cargobob, where you steal a CargoBob, and so much more. They offer something not mindbending or anything, but instead something special, something unique, something that makes it a Grand Theft Auto Games. Though many might disagree with me here, I feel like this is what makes Grand Theft Auto 5 so memorable for me, it’s not just about the grenade launching, the shooting or the parachuting, it’s the smaller details. And I’m glad Rockstar didn’t miss out on these, even though they can be well off without it.

Something we can all widely agree on is how damn good the heists missions are. That includes The Bureau Raid and The Big Score. If they were by themselves, they probably wouldn’t be as exciting or adrenaline-rushing as we remembered. It’s the set-up for both of those that enable for it to slowly built up.

Its missions are some of what RockStar absolutely nailed and excelled on this time round.


Realistically, after you’ve completed the campaign you won’t be playing the Single Player mode anymore. Unless you enjoy the huge variety of mods fans have crafted over the years.

For me at least, I don’t enjoy the mod downloading process at all, I wish Rockstar would notice this community and help streamline it to make it easier for users and creators to enjoy such specialities. I haven’t tried many mods, but from looking at what others have managed to accomplish, I’m sure you can gain a few hours of non-stop fun.

Next up in replayability, would be multiplayer, something Rockstar has been trying to focus on. Instead of adding Singleplayer DLC, they’d rather give it to Multiplayers. Something I can’t get my head around is why Rockstar just can’t get the basics right if you’re going to create a Multiplayer mode, exploiting should be high on your agenda. Along with long wait times, expensive Shark Cards (it’s in-game currency), expensive in-game items. To be quite honest, the multiplayer is a disaster. Regardless, if you enjoy a nice afternoon with friends playing Grand Theft Auto 5, this feature should be more suited towards you, but just keep in mind all the exploiters trying to ruin your experience.

Overall, there isn’t much replayability in GTA 5, unless of course, you’re a speedrunner. But if you’re just like me, you play it for about 30 hours, complete the game and never looked back. Therefore, unfortunately, this is where RockStar has fallen short on creating something we can go back to on the daily.


After GTA 4, it looked like it couldn’t get any better and yet RockStar surprised us, yet again. If you want to see for yourself how immeasurable it’s graphics are, just know that this game was released in 2013, and as of 2019, 6 YEARS LATER, it looks as good as the newest triple-A title available.

Even after so many years, many hardcore fans have still been discovering various easter eggs and theories, which just goes to show how much extra details have been put into this masterpiece.

Final Statement

There is no doubt just how good Grand Theft Auto 5 is, as proven but it’s expanding fan base day by day. I would overall give this game a 9/10, it would have been a perfect score if it was just able to nail replayability and the multiplayer aspect of it.

Honestly, I’d highly recommend you pick this up, wait for a sale if possible. Right now, it’s prices are rather inexpensive for such a great title!

Editors note: This article was written on 15/12/19. Information might fluctuate.

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