Overwatch’s Next Major Patch Will Need A Full Reinstall

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The next major patch for first-person shooter game, Overwatch will require a full reinstall. This is according to Blizzard Entertainment’s official website for the game. Overwatch churns out a patch every few weeks, with several of them being substantial in size. However the next major patch will need a full re-install of the game’s files.

This is due to drastic changes that are being done to the back end of the game in both the PC and console versions of the game. According to what Blizzard told Kotaku this patch is a “remaster” patch whereby the changes are supposed to fix bugs on several maps, improve load times, optimise memory, and finally alter data formats to make way for future content.

Furthermore for Playstation 4 gamers, the game will undergo an overhaul to make the game take up less space on the hard-drive. In comparison to current big first-person shooter games which come in at 50 gigabytes, Overwatch is significantly smaller.

As to whether this will affect matchmaking or change damage dropoff, or affect the upcoming new content it is still unclear. So we will just have to wait for the patch to come out.

Blizzard understand that this complete reinstall of the game could prove to be an inconvenience to gamers due to the size of the game’s file (For those who are unaware Overwatch game file ranges from 20 to 30 gigabytes) Especially for those on capped or slow internet connections. That’s why they made an announcement on their official Overwatch website, so that gamers can prepare themselves for this update.

The reinstall process will be fully automated and as such the game client will download and reinstall itself without the players having to do so themselves. This is barring anything going horribly wrong during the uninstall/reinstall process. Furthermore if you are playing the game on a PC and you downloaded the PTR (that’s Public Test Realm) version of Overwatch then the download will smaller by a considerable amount.

The 29th hero, Ashe will be included in this next major patch as well as her sidekick B.O.B. Ashe is currently undergoing public testing in the Public Test Realm. However unlike other BlizzCons we won’t get a new map with our new hero. Lately new social features have been added, such as Looking For Group. Other new social features are said to be in the pipeline and subsequently it can be assumed that the alteration of data formats to make way for future content can include the new social features.

It is still unclear as to when exactly this patch will be released however, according to the announcement on the Overwatch official website they have indicated that they will announce the release date on their website. Also, don’t forget to check out our sponsors, www.heroboosting.com and www.boostinghero.com for all your Overwatch boosting needs.

The game developers Blizzard have constantly pushed the boundaries of the game by constantly pushing updates and not being afraid to deal with demanding decisions. This is illustrated with the introduction of the 29th hero Ashe who according to Scott Mercer the Principal Designer was almost abandoned and even now her fate remains unresolved.

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