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The Overwatch developement team has been generally transparent about what is happening with the game and future updates on the game. There are a lot of things the team would like to do as upgrades for the future to boost their ratings, the performance of the game but that does not mean that they will all happen. It takes time to come up with the upgrades and to also implement all of them. Below are some of the updates the team have provided for thee public so as to let them in on their progress. It is worth to keep note that none of this are guaranteed even though the game director Jeff Kaaplan and the whole Overwatch team are open about it.

People want more with the introduction of the Overwatch server browser and so the team has confirmed that the savings setting is being worked on.

Another update is that the assault maps are being improved. The assault maps together with their more frequent draws are being worked on actively by the whole team.

There is a presumption that Lucioball returns probably as part of the Arcade and this is because it is one of the most popular brawls that the team has made.

There is a feature that Jeff the game director had confirmed but it was never implemented and this is because they will probably need more time or it was not completed on time and this feature is the Sound toggle hotkeys. It is thought that maybe it was harder to implement than people thought and so all that is left to do is wait and see the progress.

There is also another upgrade that was confirmed to be happening but is better to be termed as under development since it obviously requires more voice acting work and it is Genji and D.Va ult-block voice-lines.

More upgrades on the way include lines for reacting to and destroying shield generators placed by enemy Symmetras. The upgrade itself can be termed as Symmetra shield generator voice lines but this too will take time since it requires that all the voice actors are back in the office.

There have been complaints from lower-level players about more experienced players creating a ‘smurf’ account by intentionally losing games and then going from low levels to high levels and this is not liked by the lower-level players. So, the development team looks forward to eliminating this by creating harsher punishment for players that intentionally lose games.

The development team is also looking for a way to come up with an in game way to track the top 500 players and where they rank compared to other players. This is thought to be able to create more interest in the game and to boost competition between the different players involved.

Though not much information has been given about on bug-fixing, anti-hack and anti-cheat as an upgrade, all that the team has let out is that it is happening. this is understandable because if they get into details there are possible risks of their plans being thwarted.

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