The Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch has quickly become one of the world’s hottest multiplayer video games. The strong teamwork aspect of the game and the variety of maps and playable characters has made it to where there are many ways for players to win big in this game.

In fact, it has especially made its way in the world of electronic sports. The Overwatch World Cup is one particular event that shows that this game has truly arrived.

The World Cup features teams from fifty different countries from all corners of the world. The players were voted upon by fans of the game with the team captains of each country choosing two additional players each.

Many of the players who have been chosen are among the world’s top competitors in the world of Overwatch. These include players who have racked plenty of experience with many individual fighters in the game and know all of its ins and outs. They also know many of the strategies associated with playing the game to where they can get top ranks.

The Overwatch community was especially instrumental to figuring out the people who will compete in the tournament. More than three million votes were tallied to determine who the competitors in this event will be. This was all to ensure that the playing field features not only the top players in the world but also a few of the more popular favorites all around.

Some of the people who are playing in the Overwatch World Cup were instead voted for based on their general popularity. In particular, a prominent YouTube star in Brazil will be the captain for that country’s team. This is in spite of that player not having any tournament experience and only having a mediocre rank on the game.

A single-elimination qualifier will be used in each playing region. This will entail sixteen teams that will qualify for the main event. This event will take place at the BlizzCon in Anaheim. Six teams will also automatically qualify based on their performances in the tournament.

Specifically, there will be six teams from the European region, six from the Asia-Pacific region and four from the Americas. This will provide the tournament with an extensive variety of great players from many parts of the world, thus resulting in a thrilling and entertaining event for all to watch.

The event will bring out players from many parts of the world that have been especially popular in terms of their many Overwatch players. These include players from countries like the United States, Sweden, South Korea, China, Germany and Canada to name a few. The competition will certainly be thrilling as it brings out players from so many places.

The Overwatch World Cup is a big evolution in this popular online game. The competition will bring out the best players in the world for a unique experience that will determine which country has the best heroes in the world! This will especially show the world how big and exciting of a game Overwatch truly is.

The World Cup is currently on-going and we can expect to see the winners (and losers), by the end of the coming week. All the best to all participating teams and countries, we can’t watch to watch the grand final matches!

Ps. We’re still waiting for Sombra…

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