The Walking Dead Telltale Series

The Walking Dead Telltale Games series is finally coming to a close. The company declared bankruptcy last year and many worried it wouldn’t get a true ending. The series had four seasons with lovable characters.

The first character you meet is Lee. Lee was in the back of a cop car. That’s when everything breaks lose and the cop hits a zombie and you crash. Then you meet Clementine. Clementine was left at her house with a babysitter while her parents went out of town. The story progresses and you meet new faces. People seem to come and go, but it only gets real once Lee is bitten. Clementine is forced to make a decision of killing or leaving him there.

The series then follows Clementine and her journey of survival. She meets many new people along the way and tries her best to survive. She always remembers what Lee told her. This is why she stayed alive so long. The characters you meet along the way sometimes make a reappearance. This is what gives the game its life and meaning, but it slowly starts to lose it as so many new characters are being introduced and lost.

The series always follows Clementine, and it soon adds a baby named AJ. Clementine does her best to keep him safe and well nurtured. She still remembers Lee and sometimes asks him for advice. The story is kept alive through Clementine and sticks to that.

The final season set to tie up some lose ends and give Clementine and AJ a forever home. As you progress, you can find many collectibles laying around to put in your room. This let’s the player know Clementine and AJ will eventually be able to settle down. The season is equally balanced with many action packed moments and some sad moments. This makes the season worth playing.

After the games most recent update, it added in the final episode. This brings the beloved series to its conclusion. The episode has you on the edge of your seat, due to Clementine facing more life or death decisions. She is forced to choose what is best for her and AJ. These decisions lead up to a shocking conclusion making it a must play for anyone who fell in love with Clementine. The episode will have you begging for more and make it replay it all over from the start.

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