Void Spirit – Dota 2 Hero Guide

With this recent patch 7.23, and apart from the modifications on the map came two new heroes, and one of them is the fourth of the Spirit brothers, Void Spirit.

It is a hero carry of intelligence that attacks body to body. All his abilities do magic damage, so he is a hero who activates very quickly to do a lot of damage from the beginning of the game. Void Spirit has a lot of mobility, is very slippery and difficult to kill.

Although all his skills are activable, almost all of them are very simple to learn how to use. The only one that if it has a bit of complexity that with a bit of practice you will dominate it right away is Aether Remnant. It’s really fun to play with Void Spirit.


His main role is as the carry because you can take advantage of all his capacities and his biggest impact is when you’re in every team fight. In the high ranked games Inmortal-Divine, Void Spirit is been played as midlaner as well but he has a better win rate as carry.


He has four active spells, but essentially all are easy to learn how to use them. The first is Aether Remnant, it is a remnant that stands out where you trough it and similar to Arc Warden’s spell. His second spell is Dissimilate, this spell is incredible to escape for ganks against you, it creates portals around while you disappear, and you can choice any portal to teleport and do damage. You can use it to catch enemies that try to escape or to avoid and escape from enemies. The 3rd skill is Resonant Pulse which is your priority to maximize first. It is a shield around you that absorbs damage, and for every enemy it hits, it does more damage. It is very versatile as it can help to push the lane and to avoid income damage. His ultimate is Astral Step, it teleports him to the location you mark and it will do damage to every enemy in that zone and it also slows them down.


As you have four active spells you need to have enough mana regeneration, so it is recommended to first get a simple build, then go for 2x Null Talismans, Magic Wand and Power Treads. Void Spirit’s damage is mostly magic, therefore, its good to get Veil of Discord and Maelstrom. Remember that as the carry you need to farm but also participate in the team fights with that gold you can buy Kaya and Sange to keep doing enough damage even if your enemies build BKB.

Void Spirit is a natural killer, it is very hard to play against him and if you practice a lot with him you are going to win your lane very easily. Keep in mind that your goal is to push lanes and farm, but also help in team fights.

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