Who is Joining Season Two of the Overwatch League?

Believe it or not, the OWL is actually looking to expand going into next season. With the first stage such a huge success, it’s no wonder that Blizzard wants to expand. You might remember the last time we covered the Overwatch League, this time we’re covering the progress of the OWL. How exciting! For those who are disappointed at not being able to take part in the OWL, fret not, you might not be a professional player, but you can use the Overwatch boosting services of Boosting Hero and Boostards to obtain a higher rank in the game. Check them out, you won’t regret it!

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But how exactly will they do it?

According to an anonymous Blizzard rep, the company is expecting to sell additional teams in the OWL later this year. They are experimenting with opening a few spots to potentially interested leagues and cities who want to host their own team.

While the venture is new, the idea is not. Blizzard has always expressed interest in growing the league, riding off the back of its success from the first season. There are currently 12 teams, who all participated passionately in the first stages of Season 1. But, the newest update hints at the potential interest in selling franchises.

While it is uncertain just how much the OWL will grow in season two, there are sure to be at least a couple new additions.

Will your city be the newest host of an Overwatch team?

According to statisticians, it is estimated that a new spot on the Overwatch League could cost up to $60 million, as a healthy estimate. Some say that it can cost even more. While this is not an unheard of amount in the world of professional sports and eSports, it is still staggering at first glance.

We don’t know how many spots they are opening up, but it can be safe to assume that there will be an even amount of openings on each of the two divisions. This means that there will be a minimum of two spots opening up for next season, which is super exciting.

What will this mean for ratings?

The stage one playoffs are estimated to bring the largest Overwatch audience in history, which is a sure sign that its popularity is growing. Directors of the League won’t budge when it comes to expanding, and they can be sure that adding new opportunities will invite an even larger audience than ever before.

The larger the OWL grows, the more expensive it will be to purchase a franchise moving forward. While no city is exempt from this opportunity, it could become increasingly more difficult for smaller cities to afford a spot on the league. Prospects are looking towards large cities like Chicago and Los Angeles to add more teams.

Do you think an inaugural Overwatch franchise is worth the asking amount? Which cities do you think will take up the bait and jump at the opportunity to join? Could this benefit Blizzard even more than they expect? Let us know your thoughts!

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