Winter is Coming!

Overwatch will be starting off the annual “Winter Wonderland” event this week, and it will last through the month into January. A teaser clip showed the dates from 11th December to 2nd January. The video also revealed a part of the Blizzard World map done with holiday decorations.

The previous year’s Winter Wonderland event featured a new boss battle Brawl named Mei’s Yeti Hunt and the comeback of Mei’s Snowball Offensive fight. The Yeti Hunt rutted teams of five and all are Mei against Winston in the Yeti Skin, for the asymmetrical multiplayer experience which is similar to games like Friday the 13th or Evolve. This time we could see another Mei-based mode, and a comeback of one or both previous ones.

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The focus of new Overwatch events is new skins. A lot of these annual events will let you get a hold of the old skins that you might have missed and an array of new skins. As from last year’s Winter Wonderland, Overwatch has included Wrecking Ball, Ashe, and Brigitte. These heroes are probably going to acquire new fashionable holiday duds as well as holiday appearances for the rest of the holiday.

Along with Ashe, Blizzard came up with a large under-the-hood overhaul for Overwatch. Its mechanic for achieving new cosmetics is being scrutinized. But the Australian and US governments are having considerations of investigating loot boxes.

In other Overwatch news, joining Atlanta, Toronto and Hangzhou is Washington D.C in the Overwatch League prior to the season of 2019. Washington Justice will be its name and will have a shield bearing a red, blue and white of the U.S flag as their symbol. The team showed its logo and name in a short teaser video on Twitter.

Although there is nothing much besides the logo released by the Justice, we know some support staff and one player. The team will be trained by Kim, who was previously an NYXL coach. Washington already signed a player, selecting the
ex-NYXL tank player, Janus, after he became a free agent at the beginning of 2018.

Washington Justice is among the eight companies joining Overwatch League as part of the year two plan expansion. The second season of Overwatch league will kick off in February with a new design as part of its extension.

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The action is high with the inclusion of the newest hero: Ashe. Fight the enemy as the legendary brigand armed with a Viper, the action-level rifle which is fired from the hip or using aim down sights, significantly boosting her firepower. Put your attackers on fire using dynamite and have an upper hand in all situations with the Coach Gun, which can be utilized to blow away attackers or propel yourself to vantage places.

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